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NOVA Corporate Security

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BTW, what does NOVA stand for?

Networked Optimized Versatile Army?

New Orleans Velociraptor Authority ?

National Old Vinyl Association ?

Near Orbit Vigilante Army ?

Not On Valerie's Arse ?

No Old Virgins Allowed ?



Actually, I just assumed it was the same outfit that built this guy ik_devil.gif

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Hi, I'm new here. Be gentle. :)


I have converted my Nova Corp figs into Imperial Marines from Traveller in Battledress powered armor.


I had to snip the guns and replace them with CAD gun #9 from Hasslefree. It gives the proper gauss rifle/fusion gun look and feel.


I can't post pics for some reason (it said I couldn't when I tried) but you can see them at my blog http://4sparta.blogspot.com/



I'm working on painting the first five. Probably done sometime next week. Then on to the next five from there.





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Linking images is only turned on in certain sub-forums, I believe. If you want to post pics of finished minis Show Off is the best place for it ::D:.



It looks like other pics were posted successfully here. So I'll try a link to photobucket and see what happens.

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