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Halloween goodness

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If my links to Eerie, Creepy, and Vampirella magazine covers didn't satisfy you, try these...


Online classic horror stories. The guy also produces a two weekly podcasts that replay Old Time Radio adaptations of horror stories called The Horror and Vintage Horror. My favorite OTR show is called The Black Mass (it's not Satanic--they are stories by classic authors) which features an episode based on the story Oil of Dog by Ambrose Bierce. The Black Mass also did a great version of The Rats in the Walls by Lovecraft.










Ambrose Bierce stories http://www.classicreader.com/author/131/


Spooky stuff and masterful usage of the English language. Happy anticipation of Halloween!



EDIT: I forgot to use the new zombie smiley--thanks Kit :)


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New link to all the old radio shows:





And some classic stories:







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