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Boneyard is Back

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In case some of you missed the discussion in the forum, the Boneyard is back? What is the Boneyard, you ask?


Reaper's Boneyard is our listing of all the pieces that make up our models. This sort of thing is just perfect for anyone who loves conversions. We make it easier than ever to get the perfect sword for that weapon swap you've been dying to do for your character model.


Whenever you're browsing one of our galleries, just look for the little puzzle piece. At a glance it tells you the number of pieces a given figure has. Clicking on the icon will take you directly to the Boneyard listing on that product's detail page.


In the Online Store, you can also search with the keyword boneyard to return just the parts. Boneyard sword is a good example to see what I mean. Who doesn't like pointy objects?


When viewing an individual part, you can also see which larger model that part belongs to. Check right below the tags field to see this in action.


Pictures are forthcoming. It's my Saturday project until they're all done.

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