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Sir Corlim Nightbreeze

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Yet another christmas present for my gaming group. I picked up the mini and base at GenCon this year.


I added a sword on his hip and slapped him on a new base. I wanted to keep the ice cycles hanging off the rock clear, but I muffed them up. Oh well.







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Nice use of the darker & lighter greens and the gold & silver to make an interesting color-composition.


The added sword seems clunky compared to his existing swords and overall proportions -- it isn't from an elf model, right?


I like the base with the rocks & icicles, but the extreme contrast of the rock (looks like pure white over pure black, or at least a very dark gray) makes the rest of the figure look dull by comparison. Try using less contrast on the base (simpler highlighting & shading) and then more contrast somewhere on the figure, where you really want us to look. ::):


To show off your work better, you might find it useful to do three things: 1) crop away the outer parts of the photo; 2) shoot straight on and/or adjust the draping of your backdrop, so there isn't such an obvious tilt; and 3) use a different backdrop altogether (I use colored drawing paper), since the moire effects on this shiny fabric are distracting.


Anyway, congrats to your gaming group for having a generous painter for a friend. ::):



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Thanks for the feedback! Constructive criticism is always welcome.


I need a stand for the minis in the light booth, I think. The tripod to stablize the camera makes it difficult for even pictures (straight-on shots, that is to say).


Yeah, the sword is definitely not of elven make, but he's collected a rather extensive assortment of weapons over the years, so one or two might have been dwarven at some point!

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