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If my character were to run real fast, could he catch up before the door gets opened?



Hurry up hurry up....get yer gear on....



OR better yet, how'd you like to be a dungeoneer left down there from the last ill-fated adventure party?


OR you could just be mingled in there with the rest of the party. There's so dang many and nobody really did a headcount as you all went in. These things sometimes happen, ya know?


Somehow I'll get you in there. Roll up yer stats, post up a character sheet here and I'll be sure you'll not miss a thing.


Oh..and character generation is roll-six-stats then assign-them-where-you-want-them. I'm easy that way.


Oh..and your backpack and clothes on your back are free.


And if you decide to be a wizard or cleric, bump yourself up to 2nd level.


And welcome!

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Character Sheet:

Name Paraphin

Race Human

Class: Magic-user

Level 2

HP 7 (2d6-2 = 5, 2 +2 con bonus)

AC 9[10]


STR 10

WIS 12

INT 17 (+5% xp) (+1 first lv spell)

CON 13 (+1 hp)

DEX 13 (+1 AC)

CHA 15 (+5% xp)


Saving Throw: 14

BtH Modifier: +0

Alignment: Neutral


Starting gold 90 (3d6 x10 = 90)



Equipment - listed by item including weight


Item Cost

Backpack (30 pound capacity) 5 gp

Bedroll 2 sp

Chalk, 3 piece 15 cp

Cheese (1cp)

Flask (leather) 3 cp

Flint & Steel 1 gp

Flour (small bag) 1cp

Ink (2 oz) 2 gp

Lantern, bulleye 12gp

5 flasks oil 5sp

Parchment (5 sheets) 10 sp

Rations, trail (3 days) 15 sp

Rope, hemp (50 ft) 1 gp

2 Sack (30 pounds capacity) 4 gp

Signal Whistle 5 sp

Staff 0

6 Torch 6 cp

Waterskin 1 gp



Dagger 1d4 2lbs 2 gp

Staff 1d6 10lb






31gp, 9sp 4cp


Gold left over




Level 1:

Charm Person

Detect Magic

Hold Portal


Magic Missile

Protection from Evil

Read Languages

Read Magic




Spells Memorized (2+1/0/0 etc)

Sleep (x2), Charm Person.


Hireling: #13. His name is "Thirteen."

Thirteen: Spear / Leather

Carries my lantern, 5 flasks of oil, and bedroll. I have bought him a backpack, 2 sacks, 10 days rations (iron), bedroll, 4 torches, sold his armor for 2gp,replaced it with a halberd (polearm), and bought him ring mail.

Thirteen: HP (?) (I rolled 1d6 for 2)

AC 6[13], Atk +0 (halberd 1d8+1), weight carried 65, Move 12.

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*bonks own head*


I KNEW there'd be something I forgot.


As per the "140 Henchmen for Hire" document,


"All have Backpack, Blanket,6 torches, tinderbox, full waterskin

5 days trail rations, dagger,50' rope, hook, 12 spikes hatchet.

Total weight 40 pounds."


So, everybody's folks have the same kit.


Mythmere, I'll add the cost of any duplicates of the items listed above back into your character's funds.


Wow..can't believe I forgot. I can only imagine the collective growling of 15-plus hungry tummies after a day or two of dungeoncrawling with no chow.




Myth..I just finished transcribing Paraphin's char-sheet over to the game blog >> http://spikesworlde.blogspot.com/2010/01/character-sheet-paraphin-human-magic.html


I gave you max HP, and adjusted your gold for duplicated items belonging to Thirteen.


If anything looks odd or wrong, just ask me about it and I'll fix it.


@ everybody else, I'll be updating your sheets with the hirelings' gear tonight or tomorrow after work.

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From where our party is at, there any chance my rogue would be able to run behind one of them there gnolls for an opportunistic stabbie stabbie in the back?

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We must be filling that corridor to the freakin' gills if we've got an army of 22+ people in there. Are we 1 abreast or 2 abreast in a 5ft corridor? Can we fight 2 abreast if it's just spears? If not, then those gnolls are hitting us one on one, which isn't good. We might want to pull back into the room where we can bring our numbers to bear. Single file is about the worst possible formation when you've got a bazilion people but they're all individually pretty weak.



Also, if they are in single file, where is that large one I'm trying to charm, in relation to the others - back, front, or middle?

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You can fight two-abreast in the hallway..and if a spearman wants to assist from behind the front rank i'd allow it.


As for the gnolls...big guy in the front..two gnoll-lackies side-by-side behind him.


I'll be back late tonight to roll some dice and put up a post. Got some out-of-town stuff to take care of this evening.

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Some kind of visual aid would be nice here. We had people at one end beating down a door, and now gnolls at the other end, and I think it would be helpful to know who is where and what kind of line-of-sight and range we are dealing with.

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Gimme a sec and I'll PHotoshop one


/ a long minute later /


Here's the image.


Might need a bit of magnification. Let me know if anybody has trouble reading the names.


There's been some milling in line as far as marching order goes. The u-turn from the little treasure-room to the gnolls kind of scrambled folks up..not to mention Paraphin pushing through to cast his spell (YAY for spell!)






Wow you guys are dang near too-close-for-comfort. Imagine all the elbowing and toe-squashing going on. :lol:. And lookit poor Brag there..poor guy probably has a nose full of elven backside. And what's Kane up to there..picking Ivan's pocket?

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Will get a post in today, just a tad bit busy the last couple days.......ok working on a model :devil:



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(All PCs)


Anybody care to loot the corpse?



FYI, Chu toi said he searched the body before he came to find my cleric.

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I don't let most monsters understand the concept of a map, either.

I'll hang out with the gnolls and get whatever information I can while everyone else loots, etc. If the gnolls give me any "left right, door" types of description, I;ll add them to my map.

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