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I was in Kansas City, MO this past weekend visiting some old friends. I was stomping around this area called Zona Rosa (those of you in KC will know what I'm talking about ^_^) and was browsing on the second floor of the Barnes&Noble in the fantasy/sci-fi section, when lo & behold, what do I spy out of the window? A game store! *Cue angels singing* :lol:


Of course, I immediately call Warwick to tell him the exciting news. :lol: I went across the street to the store to what was up. It turns that they are recently opened (like only a couple of months) and don't carry a lot of product yet. The place had a lot of folding tables that could be pushed together to form a good playing surface, and they did have one set up with some 40K models on it. I talked to the owner at length about Warlord and playing the game etc. He did say he would be at Recruits this weekend, so I told him to track Warwick down. :devil:


Anybody that lives in the KC North area, looking for a place to play, check these guys out. Teach them how to play Warlord. They were interested in learning, and definitely interested in stocking Reaper minis if they have a market for them. So, let's give them a market! :lol:


Here is their contact info:


The Basement

8610 NW Prairie View Rd

Kansas City, MO 64153

(816) 442-7520


They are open 7 days a week, but I would recommend calling to get the hours. ::):


I hope you enjoy!


Wild Bill :blues:

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If they'd like people to come up and run some demos (and for the occasional game or so) I would be more than happy. Unfortunately Zona Rosa is a pretty long haul for me to play there regularly, but I'd love to get some new people into the game. Do they have a website up yet or anything?

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