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Letter From Ed: Hobby-Q, Reaper Miniatures, and YOU

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What do you name a company that imports and sells painted museum-grade dinosaur models? How about a company that produces a complete premium line of paints? Or one that imports and sells pre-painted plastic fantasy miniatures, or produces a line of large-scale resin models?<br /> <br /> That's the question we began asking ourselves several months ago, and we finally have the answer: Hobby-Q.<br /> <br /> Before you start speculating about where this is all going, I'll just spill the beans and then explain. The corporation Hobby-Q (<a href="http://www.hobby-q.com">www.hobby-q.com</a>) was chartered several months ago and replaces Reaper Miniatures, Inc. as our flagship company as of January 1st 2011. Now Reaper Miniatures is one of several brands under the Hobby-Q flag. <br /> <br /> To explain why we've gone down this road, I need to roll back the clock to July 4th, 1992 when some kids with a spin caster in a garage decided they wanted to produce the coolest miniatures the world had ever seen. These same kids also wanted the whole world to know they meant business so they named the company Reaper and added a big skull to the logo. So for the last eighteen years, Reaper Miniatures has created its unique scar on the adventure game industry for better or worse. We've enjoyed every minute with all of the friends and fans we've made around the world. <br /> <br /> However, times change and the role we've cast ourselves in with the name Reaper Miniatures has hampered a lot of our new endeavors. A good example is the launch of the Legendary Encounters pre-painted miniatures line. Our release of the Legendary Encounters line simply confused a lot of people. Customers that want pre-painted miniatures don't look to Reaper Miniatures for something like that. Plain and simple, customers look to Reaper Miniatures for miniatures to paint. <br /> <br /> The Legendary Encounters dilemma has not been the only situation we've muddled through. Something about a big scary skull in the paint manufacturer's logo seems to spook mainstream hobby stores looking to add a new non-toxic paint line. Museum gift store buyers are skittish about buying anything from a company named Reaper because the museums don't carry offensive products. It's obvious to all of us that Reaper Miniatures has become so much more than anyone envisioned back in 1992.<br /> <br /> To this end Hobby-Q is the flagship and Reaper Miniatures is a brand aboard that ship. Other brands include Asylum Miniatures, Master Series Paints, and Collecta toys with more to come as we continue to expand in the hobby industry.<br /> <br /> What does all this mean to you: the fan and consumer? Not much, honestly. Probably the only change you'll see is when you place an order on reapermini.com the charge will show up as Hobby-Q on your billing statement rather than Reaper Miniatures, Inc. Other than that, Reaper's operations won't change. We're still the same people doing the same jobs giving you the same level of customer service and support we've been giving for nearly 20 years.<br /> <br /> 2011 is an exciting year for us. We have all sorts of surprises in the pipe and continue to develop new and exciting ideas for the geek in all of us!<br /> <br /> -Ed Pugh<br /> January 2011

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