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Tentacle pit

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I guess this is the first model I've sculpted out of whole cloth... er, putty... except for the base... well, whatever. My Friday-night D&D campaign is developing a rather Lovecraftian theme, and we were supposed to close this damn thing before Christmas. Only problem is, two PCs ran out of healing surges after the penultimate fight and decided to pack it in just because they might have died horrible screaming deaths and had their souls eaten by nameless horrors from beyond the stars, so (a) we left the thing to fester while we went off on a jaunt across the planes, meaning that (b) we never encountered the tentacle pit, leading to © the poor thing languishing on my workbench until a couple days ago. Well, languish no more!




I keep teaching myself things about OSL. In this case, I taught myself that layering thin washes on nightshade purple -- the next best thing to black, really -- is a damn slow way to paint OSL, and I really should've started with high-value highlights and toned them down with washes. Sorta like how I did the zenithal lighting on the tentacles. Oh well, live and learn.


I also learned a whole bunch of things not to do whilst sculpting those tentacles.


Still and all, I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out, and even more pleased that it's off my workbench. ::):

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