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Les Seabolt

Fun with accessory packs

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I buy at least one of every accessory and familiar pack that comes out, some I have up to three of.


First I give you Anselmo. In pathfinder there is a minor angel type called a Cassasian. They appear as winged helmets. The Palidin of Sune has recently acquired one (grudgingly) as a companion.

I used the helmet from the 03202 Hats and Helmets pack to create Anselmo



Next comes a project for Warhammer Fantasy Battle. There is a curse scroll one can purchase that when an enemy successfully casts a spell, you can read the scroll and if they fail a save they become a frog (or toad or newt The wording says "Small amphibian LOL) The problem is how to mark where the wizard is until he turns back or is killed?

Here is my answer using another hat and a frog familiar. I call this one "OOOPS!"


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Very fun uses for the accessory packs. I especially like the wizard and hat marker. :->

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