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ReaperCon and Classes

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One of the great things about ReaperCon (besides all the wonderful people you meet -- you guys rock) is everything you can learn here. Sitting at the elbow of all these pro painters and award winners is an irreplaceable experience. And even if you don't get into a class, we don't cloister the talent away, not that they'd let us. Our staff loves meeting all of you, too. The staff painters you can meet here this year are:<br /> <br /> Ali Scheirman<br /> Rhonda Bender<br /> Michael Proctor<br /> Aaron Lovejoy<br /> Sue Wachowski<br /> Laszlo Jakusovszky<br /> Derek Schubert<br /> Jen Kaufman<br /> Jennifer Haley<br /> Anne Foerster<br /> John Bonnot<br /> Michael Genet<br /> Nic Daniel<br /> <br />

Don't fret if you don't snag one of the three online reservations for your classes. We put three online and leave two at the door. 230 spots spread across 46 classes this year. See you here in May!

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