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Did You Know? RCon bags get mailed if you don't attend

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In today's episode of Did You Know?™ I wanted to address what happens to your ReaperCon tickets if you end up not making it. Simple! We have your address on file when you order your ticket, so we mail out your goodie bag to you.<br /> <br /> What's in the goodie bag, you ask? In the past we've stuck in the ReaperCon Sophie, a special annual Con figure (rumor this year is that it's going to be a cowboy Mousling), a Master Series Paint or two, and your t-shirt if you order it.<br /> <br /> Also, Did You Know?™ that we ship you all this stuff even if you don't intend to come at all? You have to wait until ReaperCon to actually get it, but you will get it. <a href="/ReaperCon"> Just saying.</a>

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