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Lady Tam

Unknown Demon resin

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First...if anyone recognizes this mini, please tell me as I have forgotten the details of who made him, his name etc. I recall getting him from Dragglestown and that is it. anyway I started working on him a week ago. he is a very fragile resin and had a lot of "flaws" broken wing tip, holes in the resin from air pockets and a horrid gap where the wings went together (As you can see with the green stuff) At the moment I am still sanding as I mixed my first batch of green stuff weird and it stayed....soft-ish....the second batch is drying. (Does it always take so long to dry?)


Anyway here there are...Though I hope the pics aren't too big....




I don't like how the tail attaches to the body so when he is all done I will be adding what looks like chain mail or a leather back cloth to cover it.






And this is the head, not on yet but hoping it will help ID the model.





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slow but sure...some more pics...


the body and legs glued together










I didn't like the plastic between the sword handle and body so I filed it out...ended up breaking it and putting the hilt back on with a pin inside of it




I also decided I dislike the hair and how it will connect and started to grind it out and will reculpt new hair...no pics of that yet.



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Nice job cleaning out that excess plastic - well worth the resulting repair job. But fixing the parts you accidentally break is half the fun anyhow, right?



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I plan on using thread or embroidery floss/thread about the swords hilt to make it look like it has been wrapped with leather or some sort of material. Still working on it ;p

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Right been poking around getting this guy assembled and changing my mind on what I want to do with him to him. I decided I was going to try and add "mohair" for a 'real hair look" so I used a grinder to remove a lot of detail there. The hair will go up last. Right now I am working on the body color. I want to bring up a lot more red, so will be doing more highlight and shading there. I also started a base for him as well, but it isn't too far along as I am still debating on what kind of a base to do. But here he is so far...hope to get some more red on him this weekend.








I am still thinking about the wings...a black or dark red color...that may be something I work out by just "doing it". He also looks a bit shiney now as well from the current layering and the flash make his look a lot redder than he is. here he is minus the flash



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Got it!!





Fire demon. You can still get it from Scotia Grendel.

They don't sell that mini anymore :(.


They do, but it's on another page now:



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