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Razig Army

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Hey all,


Need help again with my Warlord models.

I've ordered a few Razig models and didn't like the modes orginally in my list. So I need help making a new list.


What I have:

-I would like to keep most of my models except the Salty Sabers, I'd rather replace them with Bone Marines. The theme of the army is Napoloenic French which Razig, Crow's Nest Willy, and Black Knife Tom are painted as.


Dark Maiden (Half-Painted, Not sure if I want to keep)

Captain Razig (Painted, Must keep)

Black Knife Tom (Painted, Must keep)

Crow's Nest Willy (Painted, Must keep)

5 Salty Sabers (Painted, prefer to replace with Bone Marines since I don't like the models)

Sea Hag (Half-Painted, don't care much too much)

Scruvy Dog (assembled, I like the model, but don't care much)

Scuttle Bones (unassembled, I think I like it)


So I would like to make a Napoloenic French themed Razig army so I am thinking alot of Bone Marines and Soul Cannons? I prefer the army to be under 20 models if possible (and cheap money wise too!)


Since I spent a bit of money on the models I have, I am wiling to trade my painted Salty Sabers for Bone Marines and the other models too. I just want to keep Razig, Willy, and Tom because I like their paint jobs. I can post painted pictures of my models if anyone wants too see ^_^




How would this list work? Is it good enough?



Bottle of Rum

Bone Marine x4

Scurvy Dog


-Black Knife Tom

Bone Marine x3


-Crow's Nest Willy

Bone Marine x3


-Soul Cannon


-Soul Cannon


-The Dark Maiden

Mask of the Maiden

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