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Les Seabolt

paint your own plastics

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The other day I bought one of the "Legendary Encounters" pre-painted plastic spiders because it was cheaper to do that and repaint it than to buy the pewter one! I am now looking at doing the same thing for several of the miniatures in that line because again, cheaper than the metal, less likely to break or chip on the table top, and very good quality for my level of need.


I was wishing Reaper would sell some of the plastics in bulk for consumers to paint. If they did not have to be painted and did not require single blister packs, how much would they go for?

Maybe a box (Or heck a BAG! Just a plastic bag with a carboard header stapled to it to keep it shut and a hole punched to hang it on a peg board!)) of 20 orcs- Multiple poses? A goblin bag? Kobold horde? Definitely undead. I'd love to get 20 of the skeletal bowmen to stand beside some of my udnead armies!


And how about Nova Corp soldiers??! I ahve done about 35 of therse for a local customer over the past 2 months! So many game systems could use such generic troopers. Heck I have been tempted to use them as Storm Troopers for my WH40K Imperial Guard!!!

A set of 18 troopers, 6 of three poses and the two officer type figures could sell for 30-40 bucks and be a great deal.




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