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Queen Ileosa WIP

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Hi all,


Messing with my new iPhone 4s camera and it's working great. I started this mini and worked a few hours on it. There is a lot of cleanup and work left to do. I am going for NMM gold, which I have never done, and I am trying to bring up the highlights and add more shading, but I'm a little stuck on the exact places to put them.


At first I thought this mini was supposed to be some kind of geisha-type thing, but she turns out to have a more sinister side to her once you get some paint on. Plus, I later saw the concept art and understand where it's coming from more. The pics are super ZOOMED if you click on them, so you can really see the imperfections. I've cleaned up the flash on the staff and the shoulder. Any tips from folks about technique are appreciated.



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