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2318 Ferach Orc Warlord

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You look like you're off to a solid start in your miniature painting, but if you're like me you'd also like some insights so I think I'll share.


It looks like you do a dark shade and one highlight layer then on top of that, maybe 2 highlight layers on certain parts of the mini. I now do no less that 4-5 layers of shading/blending and highlighting, and that is probably just a conservative guess. I still have a lot of practice ahead of me to where I can blend like some of the 'masters' out there.


Start studying lighting. You'll note that the chainmail you painted on the back of the orc is uniformly painted, but there are undulations in the actual pattern wherein certain areas of the chainmail would receive more light than others and this will result in brighter highlights of the more lit areas. You'll find this really adds depth. I study the way light hits things all the time these days, whether facial features, metal, statues, folds of clothing, etc.


Hope this is insightful and not overwhelming. :)

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thank you i apreciated


i only do 2 layers, in the next mini i am gonna try more layers :)


for the chainmail i only painted the armor in silver and a black wash to fill the holes

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      Hello again everyone, I've decided to just abandon the idea of a WIP thread because I don't login often enough to post the updates.
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