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Dem Bones

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#151 TaleSpinner


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Posted 17 April 2012 - 09:09 PM

For those whose Distributors are reporting sold out - We're restocking most of our distributors today, with a whole herd of shipments that we prepared over the weekend as an emergency resupply.

As problems in business go, this is one of the good kind.

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#152 DixonGrfx



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Posted 18 April 2012 - 08:25 AM

Bones.... Has all the markings of a huge success. Distributors and game stores can't keep them in stock. The reviews of the product are glowing. Demonstrations involving Bones are generating sales in other related products. And that's with only twelve figure packs available in the line! I picked up a pack of kobolds and couldn't be happier with my purchase. Cheap, great quality, durable, no primer, what's not to like? I painted them up, and was so happy I bought another package. I then took the painted and unpainted set to my next DnD game session and everyone was stunned. We had an encounter that involved kobolds and so out they came. When one kobold died we switched it out with an unpainted figure, little kobold corpses everywhere. It was glorious! My DM was so pleased with the idea of switching out painted for unpainted that he gave me the cash to pick up two more packs so I can have 12 painted and 12 unpainted kobolds. And as cheap as they are no one even raises an eyebrow. Who can complain about 6 minis for less than what one drink would cost me at Starbucks?


Next I'll be picking up the Orc packs, then skeletons, then ... kobold archers? (he says hopefully) goblins, trolls, brigands, militia, lizardmen, wolves, bears, ......... ohh the possibilities are endless!

12 figure packs are woefully inadequate, I am greedy and want more! I dream of shelves lined with Bones monsters awaiting their death at the hands of heroic adventurers!

I was a Reaper fanboy before, now I am a slave to Reaper and all she does to feed my inner geek and I couldn't be happier about it.

Don't stop now Reaper. You have made something really special. I eagerly anticipate the release of future Bones figures.

Thank You Reaper, Thank you.

Well then, since I was invited, I think I will. 


#153 Nathaniel



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Posted 18 April 2012 - 11:05 PM

My first chunk of my order at the local store for the rest of the line came in today. Got me some skeletons, some kobolds, the dwarf and the cave troll (one of my favorite reaper sculpts of all time). The rest are on their way from the distributor.

Of the Legendary Encounters line, the next ones I'd want to see in Bones would be skeletons with swords and the minotaur of the maze,

#154 Dodson


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Posted 19 April 2012 - 12:28 AM

I hope yall have enough in stock for Reapercon, I imagine they will sell super fast. Talk about great minis for the speed painting contests also!

#155 Wizard Lee

Wizard Lee


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Posted 20 April 2012 - 10:00 AM

Our FLGS can't keep them in. One gentleman went ahead and ordered one of each so he wouldn't have to buy them off the shelf and worry about what they keep in stock. So far, I'm missing only the orcs, skeletons, worm, and ghost. I can't wait to get the rest.

Please, oh ye Reaper gods, give us some more!

#156 MiniCannuck



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Posted 20 April 2012 - 10:35 AM

I ordered all 12 from my FLGS. He was shocked at the price and could have sold them a number of times over. I'm not sure why they aren't on the wall right now.

#157 Ulgurstasta



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Posted 26 April 2012 - 05:57 PM

Anyone have some good tips about bending these figures straight? I have had some problems making my kobolds to stand upright.

#158 TheAuldGrump



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Posted 26 April 2012 - 10:42 PM

Hot (not boiling, but hot) water is likely your best bet. :)

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#159 Adrift


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Posted 27 April 2012 - 03:41 AM

I'll bring water to a boil then shut it off. Then immerse the figure and let it straighten, then pull it out of the hot and dip it into a cup of normal temp water for an insta-cooling effect. Works every time. Just be careful not to burn yourself. :)
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#160 JoeGKushner



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Posted 28 April 2012 - 09:29 PM

Well, I think I'm about done with Dem Bones till the next wave comes out.

I painted the ghost with P3 paints no primer.

I painted the orc archers with mainly old GW paint, no primer.

I painted the gnoll with Vallejo brush on primer and Vallejo paints.

I painted the troll with Reaper Heavy Gear blitz paint, no primer.

I painted the worm with Army Painter Alien Purple spray primer and Army Painter paint.

I painted the werewolf with Vallejo brush on primer and Army Painter dip.

I didn't encounter anything I'd consider a problem and will continue to buy them as they come out and meet my needs. I hope to see more Warlord types there that can be easily subbed.

Good stuff.

#161 Onemanworkshop


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Posted 29 April 2012 - 04:23 PM

Just finished the first batch of bones. I did prime them, and learned that normal primer does not react well to the material, you need something formulated for plastic. Anyway, the figures paint up well and look no different from the metal figures. Can't wait to pick up more!


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#162 JoeGKushner



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Posted 29 April 2012 - 06:44 PM

When you say 'normal' primer, what type are you talking about? The Vallejo Brush on primer didn't represent any problems nor did the Army Painter. Just curious what I should be on the lookout for. Great pic by the way!Posted Image

#163 Onemanworkshop


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Posted 29 April 2012 - 09:06 PM

Ahh, yes.
Regular primer for me is the cheap automotive primer. I use it on all the prepainted figures, and works like a charm. On these, the paint was tacky for several days, but did dry out eventually. I did a second coat (not that they need it) with primer that says it's for use with plastics, and it worked better, no long term tackiness. All The sprays are just Rustoleum brand spray paint.

I do plan to pick up some Gesso, and prime with that.

I must say too, that the ghost looks awesome in black...

#164 TheAuldGrump



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Posted 29 April 2012 - 09:22 PM

I used both white and black Duplicolor sandable automotive primers, and had no problems. I only used primer when I was mixing metal bits with the Bones plastic.

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#165 Foxden Racing

Foxden Racing


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Posted 30 April 2012 - 10:33 AM

I didn't have the cash to pick any up yesterday, but I got my first in-person experience with Bones. Pictures don't do them justice...if I didn't know better, I'd say they came from the exact same mold used for the metal ones.

I've made no secret around here that I'm a vocal opponent of the company going to plastic minis only. In my past experiences plastics [everything from Hero Quest to Testors models] have always looked cheap, felt cheap, and/or were easy to scar (with a sharp fingernail or permanently bend or the like).

But y'know what? I'm impressed by these. I'm not going to part with my metal any time soon, nor am I about to do an about-face and suggest Reaper stop making metal...but these definitely have a place in my repertoire, and I will be buying them moving forward. After seeing them firsthand I have no qualms using these where it's the smartest decision to use them...places like a horde or a large/bulky figure, where doing it in metal would be prohibitively expensive or generally overkill. I'd also consider them for figures where the detail is so fine the extra layer of material from priming the figure would make it look terrible.

My only worries moving forward: How well do they strip [I imagine throwing them in solvent would be a dumb idea] for when I inevitably flub a paint job, and coming up with a case appropriate for them. A soft case like I have for the metals would be very expensive overkill, but at the same time I don't have the heart to throw painted, based minis in a tupperware container or tacklebox or the like, no matter what they're made of.

PS: When introduced to the guys, the reactions were [always in the same order]: 'What are these?', a remark about the price point, and 'No priming? Thank ******* God!'
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