Tutorial: Stencils (if you don't want to free hand)

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This is kind of a short tutorial, as I really didn't take a lot of pictures but enough to get the point across, but I hope it's helpful to people.


I'm not someone who can draw so doing freehand is something that I can't really do that well. A few weeks ago I was working on a figure for Warmachine and decided I wanted to place a symbol on a cloak, that I knew I wouldn't be able to draw, and thought that maybe I could use decals.









I searched and found some decals for Cygnar and read how to use them and realized that it wasn't something worth the effort for me so I thought that maybe I could create a stencil using Vallejo Masking Medium as a glue.


Here's what I did:


1) I printed out the decals on regular paper

2) Found the size of the icon I wanted and cut it out with scissors, making sure to give myself plenty of room on the sides so the stencil won't break easy (you can trim this later)


3) using a sharp hobby knife cut out the center of the icon you want to use.


4) Slightly wet the stencil with water (this is important for the next two steps)

5) We're going to now paint on masking medium onto the paper. A few things with this step. Make sure it's a brush you don't care about, as you'll never get the stuff completely off, and it's better to daub the medium on so you won't tear the stencil.

6) now place the stencil where you want it and use something like a toothpick to push the stencil into folds and to fit the surface you want to paint. If you haven't done step 4 this really won't work as the paper won't want to stay deformed.


7) Paint

8) peal off.




A few things of note:


The masking medium I used, Vallejo, did not remove paint from my miniatures but I can't guarantee that all masking mediums will behave the same.


again, the medium will ruin your brush


take your time or you'll tear your stencil. That being said I was able to do this in under and hour.


Sorry I don't have photos for every step, I didn't take a brush and while I could easily get photos for the first few steps I didn't have time to cut out a new stencil.

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Sweet! I've been too afraid of freehand (don't want to ruin a mini I've been working hours on). THIS is exactly what I was looking for. Where can I get some Vallejo masking solution?

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I was just thinking how great this is if you want to do a lot of miniatures. You could easily go in on a stenciled design like this and then add some basic highlighting or shadowing or both to give it more depth. I think this would also give the appearance more similar to that of a freehanded design.

Very cool idea.



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Just place a link in the tutorials database thread.

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