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Our tale left off last week with our heroes in dire straits. Both the wise wizard Benzeren and the wiley elven rogue, Merisiel were knocked unconscious by the goblin king of Black Fang's dungeon.


Our heroes awaken to the sound of Father Abstalar Zantus' voice explaining to them that they were brought to the Sandpoint Cathedral by a mysterious traveller.


Father Abstalar did not get the traveler's name nor race or sex as the traveler was covered by his/hers traveling cloak. When the heros press the elderly cleric for more details about their rescuer, he cannot divulge anything else and directs their attention to a young visting cleric named Kyra. Merisiel offered her a place in their party and Kyra eagerly accepted.


After restocking some supplies and a few complaints of being a few gold pieces light (neither hero knows if the goblins robbed them or their rescuer). Our "Company of Three" head back to Black Fang dungeon.


It has only been a few days since our heros last visited the dungeon. Signs of their battle against the goblins at the entrance are still there (the weather has been surprisingly mild the last couple of days). The heros make their way to the room with the magically glowing fountain. Kyra is able to decipher the runes on the fountain and let's Benzeren and Merisiel know that if they throw in some gold, they will be blessed. Each throws in a gold piece.....And blessed they are! Benzeren gets +2 to attack rolls for the next combat, Kyra gets healed to max HP, and Merisiel gets to choose +2 bonus to either AC, Saving Throws, or attack rolls...FOR THE REST OF THE ADVENTURE!!


They proceed to the flame room next. The booming voice warns them how to approach and each hero decides they should try to talk to it...after numerous attempts at chit chat (with no responses), they decide to focus on the ruby and statues.


After detecting that the ruby and statues are magical, Benzeren wants to approach the dais to see if he can read the glyphs. As he gets closer the flame trap springs! Both Benzeren and Merisiel make their saving throws and manage to fall to the floor only taking half damage. Kyra is still in the doorway where the flames can't reach her. Benzeren is frozen in place with fear (thus causing the trap to spring every 5 seconds, sending a jet of flame shooting at the heros). It is then they decided that the ruby isn't worth getting burned to crisp and the party moves on to the web room where they dispatch the giant spider with little drama, find some treasure and move on to the pillar room.


Benzeren sees the water pattern, Merisiel knows about wyrm meaning dragon, but no one can figure out the puzzle. Instead, Merisiel is able to swim across the pool, but is trapped by the Reefclaw. Grabbed, and near death, Kyra is able to heal the party, Benzeren casts Hand of the Apprentice with some amazing precision and is able to take out the reefclaw from across the pool. Merisiel swims back with the treasure. Everyone decides this is a good time to head back to Sandpoint, rest up, sell off some treasure, and head back to Black Fang Dungeon in a few days to find out what is in the rest of the dungeon.


The End...


GM notes-- I had a blast running this adventure again. Since I didn't want my kids to get discouraged from "failing" in their first adventure, I thought a segue from blacking out to waking up in a "hospital" would work (minus some treasure they found the first time through). I also talked my wife into playing with us tonight...she isn't home usually on Wednesday nights...there is a chance her character will be popping in and out of the adventure, or we may have to change our gaming night...either way, the kids NEEDED a cleric (just based on their playing styles...a little too reckless for a wizard and thief).


Overall, everyone had fun. I can't wait to get further into this adventure!

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My son is 10 and my daughter is 14. Son is almost done painting the Reaper mini for Ezren and my daughter has to finish a dragon painting she is working on, then she going to start painting the Reaper mini of Merisiel

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