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The Company of Three, now known as the Company of The Black Fang!

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The adventure continues. Our heroes head back to town for another rest. After stopping at Savah’s Armory, they head to the Brown Tooth Inn and meet the proprietor, Amond. Amond explains to them that the Brown Tooth Inn is one of the premier adventurer’s inns in Sandpoint besides the Rusty Dragon Inn. Pathfinder Venture-Captains have been known to come to the Tooth looking for recruits even!


Kayla goes off on a holy task, mumbling something about removing curses and spells at a local hospital...


Merisiel and Benzeren are left at the Inn to discuss their future plans. As they sit at the bar, a dwarven barbarian approaches them and offers to join their fledgling party. After explaining to them that he can give as good as he takes, Dagmar the Restless joins Merisiel and Benzeren on their quest to discover what is in Black Fang’s dungeon.


Approaching the entrance to the dungeon, Merisiel notices fresh tracks in the dirt. Dagmar immediately recognizes them as goblin tracks……fresh goblin tracks. Our heroes proceed into the dungeon cautiously and come upon a group of four goblins. “Give us our wooden wyrm!” one of them shrieks. “Why not come an get it maggots!” yells Dagmar. A brief skirmish ensues with two of the goblins fleeing for their lives after Merisiel splits one in half with her rapier and Dagmar caves the cranium of another one. Benzeren on the other hand…well…let’s just say he had a little trouble aiming his staff with apprentice hand. That thing was flying all over the place!


As our heroes approach the 20 foot high cliff, Merisiel attempts to climb it, almost making it to the top but a rather large centipede crawled across her hand, freaking her out and causing her to fall, bruising her hip…and her ego.


Dagmar gives it a go, making it halfway up before the same centipede crawls across his hand freaking him out as well. “What?? I can’t stand things smaller an’ quicker ‘n me...”


Bruised but not beaten, Dagmar climbs the cliff and throws down the rope to the others so they can climb up.


The skeletons were no match for Dagmar and Benzeren, who finally got his staff to obey his apprentice hand. Merisiel just couldn’t figure out why her rapier kept slipping between the rib cage of the nearest skelly but had no effect on it at all.


Upon entering the lair of Black Fang, Merisiel drew forth the dragon bane sword, Dagmar rushed to meet the beast head-on, and Benzeren fired off some magic missiles.


With some excellent init rolls by our heroes, they were able to draw first blood, which only enraged Black Fang even more. Rearing back its glistening black head, Black Fang belched forth an intense stream of bright green acid, catching Dagmar full in the chest. If it wasn’t for the thick wolf pelts strung about his chainmail, he would have been turned into dwarf pudding. Instead, the blast knocked him unconscious.


While Black Fang was preoccupied with Dagmar, Merisiel leapt into range and plunged the dragon bane sword, hilt deep into Black Fang’s belly.


Screeching in pain, Black Fang took flight and escaped the battle, with Merisiel hanging onto the sword till it slipped free of the dragon’s flesh.


Our heroes had done it! They chased off the dragon!


GM notes: Again, the kids had a BLAST with this session. I had some fun too. Knowing my wife wouldn’t be here for this session, I whipped up a 1st level dwarven barbarian to assist the kids. I managed to keep it fair without divulging too much. Upon encountering the dragon, I used my knowledge of nature to identify it as a young black, also noting that the weakest point on any young dragon is its belly.


The Black Tooth Inn: I had gotten a free pdf from drivethrurpg for a generic inn and wanted to work it into Sandpoint so the kids had a home base. I know, I know, the Rusty Dragon is there and there is an AP involving the proprietor. I want to keep these first couple of adventures simple. It also gave me a hook or two for future adventures.


Dagmar the Restless: yes…I played a PC as I was GM-ing. I know there are two schools of thought on this. I can guarantee that this is only temporary. Once the kids get more experience with RPGs, I will step away from using a PC and move to an NPC, or the PC will just become an NPC.


Anyways, both kids were worried that they wouldn’t get to finish this adventure before bedtime. Their reactions when the dragon started to fly away is something I will always remember. Both kids cheered….CHEERED. My 14yr old daughter actually called her friend to tell her to stop texting because “I am playing Pathfinder with my dad and brother and I have to fight this dragon, I’ll call you later.” It was priceless.

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