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Is there a way to post the dates for Reapercon 2012 someplace on that nice count down timer so that those of us that cannot 'do the math' and figure out when 6 weeks, blah, blah, is... will know the dates?


I tried to use the search in the forums and the thing wants me to wait between searches...

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It also might not be too apparent, but clicking on the countdown timer sends you to the information page... upon which is the title:



May 17-20


The link is kinda subtle, eh? and I am being serious. It fooled me the first time as well, then I followed the time honored tradition of clicking on everything and it got me there



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Thank you, PPFP/Ix... Thanks for the quick response.


I guess there isn't an easy way to say this... so much for subtlety... I hope not to ruffle feathers, but I'm going to stomp on those proverbial toes... underwear in bunches... crack whips... (don't hate me, not trying to flame anyone)


IMHO, "The website design needs work, guys!" Users should not have to click on stuff, finding 'easter eggs,' or having to post in forums, in order to find info that should be apparent everywhere. Goes back to late-90's era web design. C'mon.... The front page is a news page and the date is part of the announcement, right? Maybe some text that looks like a link to encourage a click through... C'mon...


As a professor of mine used to say, "Look. Look. You must know these in middle of night." (I know, his English wasn't that great, but you get the point)

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Their site is great! Their catalog is huge. They have pictures of all their products. What more do you need?


Actually, once you attend ReaperCon you will notice that this is not some corporate giant that has numerous assets. This is a small business that has a family feel. Their staff work incredibly hard. Their website may not be up to "corporate" standards, but it is well maintained and updated. Considering that the website is being created by someone who is multi-tasking numerous other positions, I think it is a damn fine website.


I think you should have waited on your criticism of the website until after you met the people that work at Reaper, Then you would have a sense of understanding of what the staff accomplishes with the small number they have. These people move proverbial mountains compared to their [insert other miniature company name here] counterparts! I am not a Reaper employee, but even I can't help but being a little put off by your comments.


So, give these guys a break! Even the customers defend Reaper to the last!


As one of my professors once said, "Enough said. Move on."



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Sorry to butt in on this but I hate to see these type of posts. I believe that both themudhead and Luethar are coming from "good places" but:


Mudhead - I appreciate you trying to be constructive but I think you may have missed your mark with the number of "c'mon" lines. You seem to be coming from a place with some knowledge about web design (or at least know what you want from a website). Perhaps in the future, you can offer suggestions as to how the sight could be improved when the web designer has the opportunity to do so.


Luethar - I appreciate your loyalty to Reaper and share your love for this company. Regardless of how many people they have working for them, they are a class act and do a lot right. However, there are some parts of the web design that could be improved when they get a chance. I don't think Mudhead was coming from a bad place - just that he may have chosen some of his words poorly. Maybe pointing this out to him rather than being so encompassing with your defense would be more effective.


After all, as one of MY professors once said, "a dog is trained better with a buscuit than a whip".


Actually, I don't think my professor said anything like that but I just wanted to fit in with the rest of you ;)


Now, shake hands and let's get a beer at ReaperCon to toast everything good about Reaper minis!

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Just clicking on the convention link at the top of the page main page gave me the information I wanted.

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I didn't say at all that I thought the website was bad. Only that it could be better. They recently hired someone as webmaster... I'm only offering my two cents on areas that I think can be improved. I only put that many "C'mons" in because I didn't want to offend. I'm mudhead because I often make... 'interesting' decisions.


We are Rabble Rousers and Instigators one and all. As with all email and posts, no offense intended and none taken. If they label us Rabble Rousers then I feel duty bound to "Raise Rabble." I'm only doing my part.


My whole question is this, "How do you know to click the banner and countdown timer to find that there is more info available by clicking?" Reapercon has this huge banner but no link? That won't do.


When I see "Conventions" I am thinking PAX, Gencon, Dragoncon, and all the other cons around. Sure enough, there is Reapercon at the top. But, when I mouseover Reapercon in the Conventions dropdown I get nothing. It isn't a link. It doesn't work. You have to click on the mysterious "About" link. Huh? That simply won't do.


Only... Only. Only,... uhm... C'mon!


My other professor always say, "That'll be enough out a you, young man." (with scottish accent)


PS. Maybe this should be moved to "Off Topic Rampancy" area of forums. I didn't think this post would go here. Mods? Can we move?

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    • By knarthex
      So, The very first mini I pulled out of the BOGW when I got it, was a Malifaux mini....
      As soon as I saw it, I knew how I had to paint it!
      So I give you @Sylverthorne the Girlblin!

      Hope you like it!!!!!!
      Abbreviated WIP here
      (Didn't have time to record everything with the need to get it done for Wednesday.....)
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      Hey, @ub3r_n3rd, here's the figure that I managed to finish. The top clear coat makes it a bit shiny, but I've got it under harsh lights.

      With the very zoomed in picture I'm not exactly happy with the shading on the right hand side where it transitions from light to dark in the middle fold, but that was vexing me for a long time. It's the way I want it to look, but I'm not sure everybody's eye will interpret the shape that I wanted to illustrate. There's also a woodgrain painted on the bow, but it is very subtle and doesn't look to show up here. I guess that should have been something a bit more stark.
      Really feel that she's missing an arrow in her hand, since she seems to want to be nocking an arrow, but there's nothing there. Need to work on my eyes for the next figure, but that's a common refrain.
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      Right, so I finally decided to do a WiP on this guy, mainly in the hopes to get some good feedback on the painting process.  This will be one of my Reapercon (in the Open category, being as it is a scratchbuild). 
      First off, some older pics going back a few months, showing where I started from.  I started by sculpting a few faces and picked one that I thought would do the job.  Then I built a basic armature, established a pose and then began fleshing it out.
      I'm afraid I didn't get any more WiP shots of the sculpting after this, so on to the finished figure (pre painting that is).
      Here is the final figure prior to painting, complete with scenic base.

      And because I really would like to show off all the work that went into it, here are a lot of detail shots of the various elements.  The discarded helmet was a little bit of a trick, as I wanted it to actually be hollow.  I dealt with it by sculpting the basic shape on the end of another tool, then carefully pulling it off and carving out the face plate and widening the rest of the interior.  The backpack and pistol frame were stacked sheet styrene, with added details in greenstuff and wire.  The base was just a couple of cutup corks with greenstuff textured over it.
      Next up is painting.  Digging around online for inspiration I came across this image, which is supposedly of a 1950s era US Navy pressure suit.  I liked the olive drab and beige combination (though I may skip the white helmet), and decided I would go with something similar, but with warmer colors. 

      The palette I wound up choosing for the basic flight suit is below.  For some reason the special edition colors have become some of my favorites.  Carnival Purple was a special edition paint for Reapercon '13 (I think), and has become one of my go to colors for shadowing, while Pumpkin Orange has become another one of my mainstays. 

      Here is the figure after the first round of painting.  I went in with the intention of giving the suit a much ruddier look that was the case in the prototype (hence the Pumpkin Orange), but tn the end the orange really dominated the palette (which doesn't really bother me, so long as the end result looks good), The figure was primarily bascoated with black primer, while the head was done in white.  I don't recall exactly how much time it took me to get from there to what you see below, but I think it was close to two hours or so.
      Whatcha' think so far?  I've always been better with a hobby knife than a paint brush, and this year I'm really anxious to up my game a bit.  Any and all input is welcome!

    • By Ludo
      I made a SNAFU and double booked myself for the Paint by Die Roll. The great kaiju has used his powers of internet and corrected it. However the Friday event had to be canceled. My apologies to everyone who was so kind to preregister. We have scheduled 2 new Paint by Die Roll events, One Thursday and one Saturday. We also added Survival Speed Paints after dinner every night. They are on the schedule and can be reserved. Again my apologies for messing up people's schedules!
    • By knarthex
      So my painter's entry is done....
      Provided of course, that no one sees anything that I mucked up....
      Kill The Maggots!

      Thanks for looking and commenting!
      Wip here
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