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03238 Netheris, Evil Cleric

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This is the fourth mini that I painted. He is the cleric I'm using in our Pathfinder games (temporarily representing my fighter in one until I get the model for him). He was completed in the first weeks of March and took about 8 hours to finish. It was my first attempt at blonde hair and I'm not overly happy with it, but the rest turned out better than I had pictured. post-7528-0-54382400-1333818002_thumb.jpgpost-7528-0-94902900-1333818020_thumb.jpgpost-7528-0-07014900-1333818046_thumb.jpgpost-7528-0-54230700-1333818059_thumb.jpgpost-7528-0-74065500-1333818089_thumb.jpgWarning!: huge pics once again! C&C welcome!

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