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This is an Abyssal Ravager from Wizards of the Coast.

As in D&D description I've chosen the green color to give it a venomous aspect.









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Must. Save. Photo. I've got a bunch of these that need assembly and paint. Best scheme I've seen on them from the days when they were released until now. Top of the heap.

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fur works well with green elements, but that purple tail... I believe that rat-thing would look so much better with more subdued, natural colour for the tail - skin shades, light browns, even bone colour...

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      Good day everyone, here's a Wizards of the Coast woc40047, Grick.
      This pewter model was sculpted by Neil McKenzie in 2000 and is now out of production.
      It's mounted on a 25mm round base.




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      Wizards of the Coast, Chainmail Miniatures Drazen’s Horde faction 88361, Ogre Trooper.
      This 42mm tall pewter model was sculpted by Mike McVey and I painted it with acrylics and inks.








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      A tall hunchbacked moss green creature dash towards you, its long arms stretched out, its sharpened claw hands whipping the air as it tries to get a grip at you. This frightening vision chills your blood. In a few steps, he's on you and you see in its dull, sunken black eyes, that its ugliness has no pair but its ravenous appetite...
      For all those of you who likes Old school model. Wizards of the Coast D&D 40052, Troll sculpted by Chaz Elliott.






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      This is an old wizard figure from the ChainMail game. I'm including him as part of my Morihalda Challenge; he was already painted, but I did some touch ups, and based him. I was having a bad day, but didn't want to break my streak, so I needed something quick and easy.
      Still trying to get the hang of playing with my wife's light box; he's a little washed out.


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      Here's an effort I made at painting this orc.  I've only been painting three weeks so I am open to help/comments. I added some Welsh slate to the base.   Took some inspiration from an artist called slashhamster.  Thanks

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