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Problems painting 14507: Overlord Shadow Legionnaire

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Hi folks,


I´m having a very frustrating experience trying to figure out the best combination to paint this mini. I already tried three different color schemes and all of they let me unsatisfied.


I tried the Inspiration gallery but looks like anyone never painted this figure (or at least posted the job done).


Anyone can give me some ideas about how to paint this figure, what kind of colors to use it and so long?


My las attempt was a dark grey for the scale cloak (and a light brown for the parts were the leather appears). The armor was painted using a very dark metallic with some details (like the shoulders and the shield) in a bone color. The hood was painted as a very dark red.


My idea with this mini is to portray some kind of Undead Barbarian.


Sorry for the absence of a picture of my work so far, but my cellphone camera sucks and I don´t have anything better at this moment.


Best regards

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The cloak looks like dragon skin/scales to me. I'd probably paint it deep red, possibly on both sides. Dark metallic armor as you've said, but maybe gold or silver on some of those details. If you go with gold, you could keep it darker in tone but still have contrast with the rest of the armor. For the hood...maybe some kind of near black, either an actual 'faded black' sort of color or maybe a really dark purple or blue.

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