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Hello, everyone. I'm new into all of this, and I've recently acquired some Pathfinder minis, more speciffically the Goblin Pyros and the other, em, the warrior (or warryor???) ones, wich are almost the same. Could someone help me chosing the right base color and the other paints before I buy them? thanks.

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This is a bit of a tricky one as Pathfinder features some oddly colored goblins. What color scheme are you looking for? Do you want something in the traditional green or are you looking for something more radical?

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I was thinking about something a bit more traditional, but not SO traditional as the standard green goblins,like painting them in a more realistic, dirty kind of olive green or something.

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Actually Pf goblins aren't that much different in colors as regular "D&D" goblins. It just the way Paizo portrays them & of course those "football-shaped" heads.


Not excactly sure which colors for goblins but olive green & lighter shade is pretty close to them.


Actually take this pic:



& then use this to find the closest Reaper Master Series paints for them:




Just take the pic & paste it into the Palette & mouse over the colors.


EDIT: Just did a test, since I need to do some quick painting of goblins here soon & one of the colors that comes up allot is this one


09121 Khaki Shadow

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Thanks, haldir. The first one and the other in the middle perfectly match with the colors I was thinking. Once again, thanks for the help!

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      Finished with my latest show and will have at least two months before I'm in another.  Figured out that having a nice hobby room all to myself didn't work so well as my wife would find things for me to do so that I didn't go in there and leave her feeling alone.  Moved my big painting desk back out into the living room so progress should be fine and if she leaves, she's not upset about it.  
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      Quick! Look over there while I crop photos.
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      After backing it on Kickstarter, I was inspired by Nord Games "Revenge of the Horde" bestiary for D&D 5E.  I liked their very "The Hobbit" inspired cave Goblins...backwards underground isolated and mutated.

      After some negotiations, I got a friend's old "Escape from Goblin Town" set, and put some paint to it.  They've been through a large number of flesh revamps, and the close-ups show the slightly gritty texture from a primer malfunction.  I'm happy with them overall, although I'm still not sure how I like the way their hair came out.

      The Horde:

      The Great Goblin himself.  I think he'd be useful as a Fomorian leader or the like.

      Just Gobbos!





      Wise Snot, you're not a mutant!  How did you sneak in here?





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      So I need to do my Bones 3 Sophie for August because a friend is in town. I decided to also do a small horde of "20" goblins because I will be GMing adventures soon that require some (I think it's officially 22?). I chose not to paint the musicians & standard bearers that are part of ogre command, or the pathfinder pyromancers set I think I have somewhere in my vault of unpainted minis, because that's a lot. I also decided to paint some other stuff of use - the unicorn because I'm currently playing a wild magic sorceror who has already summoned a unicorn twice! a purple worm because I have been waiting forever for a restock, and some rats because they always useful. One day I will also paint up all my kobolds and there will be a great and terrible battle (and realistically, the goblins will win because there are twice as many).
      Unpainted photo soon - the minis are all currently drying. I will only prime/ base coat today due to leaving for game in 5 hours.
      Paging @buglips*the*goblin: I want to make sure I'm not painting diseased goblins. If I remember correctly, blue is a no? tanned through yellow, orange, reddish tinges are okay, and green too?
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