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Washes : paint additives

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#1 DixonGrfx



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Posted 03 May 2012 - 07:46 AM

At it's most basic, a wash is just thinned out paint. Easy to do, you just add water until your paint reaches the desired translucent quality. When I was at Reaper for Paint Club a few weeks past, one of the Pros showed me their wash recipe. If I remember correctly it went like this.

2 drops of paint
3 drops of water
3 drops of 09107 Brush-on Sealer

When I first learned the technique, I was given this recipe.

2 drops of paint
3 drops of water
3 drops of Future Floor Wax

One of my friends uses Jet Dry for his additive.

The issue with just adding water only is that as the wash dries it can leave ugly lines. It's the surface tension that causes this problem. By adding another product to your wash, it can lessen the surface tension allowing your wash to dry more smoothly.

A friend of mine was painting one of his rooms and he was painting a faux finish. I asked him if I could use some of his products to test out with my miniatures. If you feel adventurous, pick up some Behr Premium Plus With Style Faux Glaze. http://www.homedepot...laze-55080.html It is by far the best additive I have used with my paints to date. I've used both the Future floor wax and the Reaper brush on sealer. They do a great job too. Just thought I would share.

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Posted 03 May 2012 - 01:43 PM

I've used Jet Dry. Has the added advantage of helping gypsum cement settle into the deepest parts of your molds if you happen to be casting terrain elements, so it's doubly handy to have around.

PP makes a decent mixing medium for their P3 paint line. There's a matte medium from Vallejo that I just love for the same purpose. Gives you a lot of control with the wash, and also dulls down that watery shine really well.
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Posted 03 May 2012 - 09:56 PM

My formula for Magic Wash has been posted many times. It's 1:3:3. One part paint/liner, 3 parts water, 3 parts matte acrylic varnish. You'll need to adjust the paint depending on the color density.

The matte acrylic varnish adds body and is meant to be combined with acrylic paints. It also makes the wash 'sticky' so you can control it better. It's kind of like "the dip" but done with a brush.

If we're talking paint washes that's a different story. Those are thinned paints with maybe a touch of additive as needed.

Terrain is even easier. Craft acrylic paint, matte acrylic varnish and just enough water to thin it to use. I painted this fountain using an ivory/cream base coat and then a burnt umber wash. Nothing fancy at all.

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