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Old Glory western minis, Reaper paints

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I'm a relatively new painter. My previous experience is 2 core boxes of Firestorm Armada, a few other western minis for Gutshot, and I'm half way through my Batttles of Westeros game. I haven't had much time the past several months, but yesterday I did have some time and spent 4-5hrs taking these two guys from black primer and white drybrush to what you see. What do you think? All comments and tips are welcome and appreciated.


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They would really benefit from some shading. A quick shading technique would be to apply a wash (I would recommend a brown or a reddish brown) applied selectively to the shadow areas (rather than just covering the entire miniature with it). There are three washes in the Reaper Master Series line. In addition Vallejo and GW also make washes in their paint line. You can also create your own wash of color by thinning down your paint about 20:1 water to paint. Check the craft section of the Reaper website and I'm sure there is something there about washes.

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Thanks. I'll give it another try with that technique. My first attempt resulted in getting off-white and dark brown all over the upper face. The buttons are raised, which make them easy. The eyes are set in.

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The painting looks crisp to me. Good work.

I would suggest neatening the edges of the bases -- say, with a simple brown or black ring on the vertical edge and the ring around the top -- as a frame for the sandy color.

When I was starting to paint, I painted a few dozen figures with just solid colors, no shading or highlighting, but ensuring that I didn't leave any bare spots. When I painted their eyes, I just painted a little circle of solid color (as in the color of the iris). I think it helped me to develop good brush control like this before I tried any more advanced techniques. I often bring one of those "neat base coats" figures to the classes that I teach at conventions, to show how I started 25 years ago.

Welcome to the forum.


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Your comments inspired me to work on them a little more tonight. I trimmed my smallest brush to be a little smaller so I could get the eyes and facial details. I also applied a new layer of highlights that were a little lighter and did a new wash that was darker than before. However, I clearly missed dks' recommendation before finishing (which I will correct at a later date). I took a new picture, this time with better lighting. Using a cell phone camera makes it difficult for these close up shots and a shift from overhead to more direct light really made a difference, probably more than the extra paint.



The image link is not working with Google+, so here's a link.

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      I'm a pretty new painter this guy is my 20th or so miniature and is the first one i'm willing to brave showing off. Any creative criticism is not only accepted but is greatly appreciated, I've seen the beautiful pieces that people have done on here and aspire to be half as good! This is also my first post to the forum so I apologize in advance if I've misplaced anything. 

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      I'm a totally novice painter. I got tired of staring longingly at all the painted minis online and then at all my plain boring unpainted minis and finally decided to give it a try. I'm working my way thru both LTPKs (and all the similar looking minis I have) and I have this issue with washes that I couldn't find an answer for in past topics (I could have just missed it, apologies if that is the case)
      I follow the directions in the LTPK, for example when painting Anirion the Wizard, I base coated his hands and face in the flesh tone and then it says to make a wash with 1 drop dark highlight and 3 drops water but when I used it, it left these little speckles on the flesh tone instead of just sinking into the crevices, like teeny granular blobs.
      Likewise, when I painted the Orc from LTPK1 (and 2 of his cousin's that I already happened to own) when I used the wash, it dried leaving dark splotches on the paint instead of just going in the nooks and crannies, like little water spots but darker. Especially around the base of the spikes on the armor and shield. 
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