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14352: Unforgiven, Crusader Grunt

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This mini is titled 14352: Unforgiven, Crusader Grunt, but I swear on the blister it said Templar Knight or something.


This guy was sitting on the rack at my LGS for months, and I felt sorry for him. So I bought him.


I originally painted him up for one of the PCs in my OD&D game. But the character died before I finished painting D:


This is my most recent mini, so please give me all your comments and criticism you can spare! Painted with Vallejo, he seems a bit dark to me. It was REALLY HARD to paint the decals on his shoulder and on his front because the consistency of thinned paint is just too watery and goes into the cracks instead of on the ridges. Sorry I couldn't get you a good camera shot from other angles. Tips truly appreciated.




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Again the base is very nice and the stained armor boots add to the realist.

I think a thin black wash could help separate the silver and blue detail from the helmet.


My only advise would be, it's always better to apply many thin layer than a thick one.

I mention this because of holes filled with paint on the chainmail.


Ok, another trick. I don't know if you tried this but most of the time I apply paint with the side of my brush instead of the tip.

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