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Red Box Kickstarter

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For those interested this KS is closing in on $55000 so Tre's awesome zombies are available and it is adding cavalry options at the moment.


With less than 2 days to go it looks like it will get over $60k, with more backers we could even go further.

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My vampires never glow, unless they drink the blood of irradiated prey.


And the kickstarter just passed $60k, so three cavalry have been unlocked. Keep an eye on it tomorrow; Tre mentioned he was going to try one last stretch goal.



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And he has added another awesome barbarian/berserker character model as a $70k stretch goal that is free for the 2 highest pledge levels.


With yesterday being the biggest day for the KS, a huge finish might see Tre have to add something else as well!

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A wright, a wright! He got me for the $145 level (plus Svetlana). <sigh>


Damn the torpedoes (and bills)!


At least I waited to be the one that pushed it over 70k! ;)

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I ended up at the $185 with a pair of svetlana.

Not entirely sure how I'll sort my ranks and characters. Will probably end up with a few of the cavalry and some friends for Fenris. And lots of zombies and armored krigare.

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I'm in at $145 with a Svetlana & a T-Shirt :)


I'll be getting 1 of everything and maybe extra Fenris models to really push that dire wolf pack out (adding to my Reaper ones).


The end was pretty crazy, the end of the Reaper one is going to be insane!

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The end of this one snuck up on me and I only ended up at $110, with no frills. I meant to add a Svetlana, but I woke up, went to work, came home and had already missed my chance. :(


Still, six ranks of Helsvakt and 18 of Tre's zombies (which are my favorite), plus all the other stuff, is a pretty awesome haul.

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Major Thread Necromancy!


Despite all the issues that haunted this one, Tre has come through.


Having looked over the miniatures, Trollcast does seem like a very nice material for moderately (hordesmen) to fairly (krigare) bulky figures, as well as less bulky, but not overly detail-rich ones (zombies). It appears it's not quite ideal for four-legged critters and I'm a bit sceptical when it comes to extremely fine figures/details. Most notably, some parts (e.g. wrists, axe handles) of the helsmaidens look liable to break if I look at them wrong. Which is doubly problematic as finer detailseems to be at higher risk of warping.



... wonder if the rest of the posting got eaten during posting or during moving? Darned.


What was I going to say? Oh, right.


"Would buy again, though preferably not in Trollcast."

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Congrats to Tre and his wife for sticking through this one and getting it finished. He posted that they shipped the last package yesterday.

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