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Jordan Peacock

Men (and Pugs) in Black

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Pictured, L to R: Reaper Chronoscope #50202 ("Government Agent Jones"), Reaper Dark Heaven #P02756A ("Pug" from "Familiar Pack IV"), and Reaper Chronoscope #50203 ("Government Agent Smith").


I still need to figure out how to pad out the number of agents a bit, but I painted up Agents Jones and Smith, using a crumb of Apoxie Sculpt to give Agent Jones a more masculine chin (since the original miniature sculpt is a bit chinless). After I shared a picture of the two figures with "Professor Kraken" as an obligatory alien, someone suggested to me that I needed to add an "Agent F." As it so happened, I had a pug from Reaper Familiar Pack IV, so I painted it up this morning with a little black suit, and clipped a piece of wire to give him a cigar, to represent "Frank the Pug" circa the 2nd MiB movie.


I'd like to add an Agent L (Elle) or equivalent to the mix, but I'm undecided on how to go about it. Reaper Savage Worlds #59023 (Texas Ranger, Female) looks almost doable, if I remove the hat (and fix the crown/hair with putty), and do a weapon swap, scrape off the badge, and don't mind the big overcoat. Reaper Chronoscope #50071 (Kelly, Corporate Assassin) is probably closer, but I really don't like the head, so I might do a head-swap conversion if I go that route.


Other possible agents to fill out a nice round convention scenario party of 6: Chronoscope #50081 (Father Thomas, Vicar), Chronoscope #50010 (Daniel Sterling, Secret Agent of GUARD).

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Great start! Do a search for "agent" in the Figure Finder. There are some great minis there that could work.

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Reaper Chronoscope #50071 "Kelly, Corporate Assassin," painted up as another "Men in Black" agent.


Originally, this was going to be "Agent L," or a look-alike, but it's a sculpt by Tim Prow, and he has a tendency to give his modern human figures very broad features. This just seemed like a more natural way to go. Also, she's significantly TALLER than Agent Smith and Agent Jones; I think there might be some differences in scale interpretation between the different sculptors.


I'm tentatively naming this character "Agent CC." I figure once they run out of the alphabet, double-letters might follow. "BB," "CC," "DD," "GG," and "JJ" sound like they could work for agent letters/names, much in the same way that "Agent J" sounded like "Agent Jay," while "Agent K" sounded like "Agent Kay," and "Agent L" seemed perfectly reasonable as "Agent Elle." Maybe for a gag later on, I could have some guy with a huge beard and sunglasses, with an alien weapon that looks suspiciously like a giant silver guitar, and call him "Agent ZZ." But then, now I've gone and spoiled the joke! (And now I have "Smart Dressed Man" running through my head. Serves me right.)


Anyway, this again employs some of that 600-dpi paper base detailing I also applied to some of my zombie-apocalypse survivor minis. Similarly, I've gone back to "Government Agent Jones" and put some tiny paper "Weekly World News" issues on his base, while "Government Agent Smith" might get a magazine or a proper newspaper. He might have to roll it up to help in dealing with "Agent F."

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