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Kickstarter Bones You'd Like To See

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I haven't particpated yet. I probably will, but I havent been playing anything lately, and Ive never been a painter, so Im hesitating. I think I'm gonna have a paint-day this week just to make sure it doesnt drive me crazy :D


but add in a minotaur or two (already see one on the regular bones shop) and an undead pirate crew...


and I'm almost assuredly gonna bite even if I never use them.


Just saying.

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I posted this on the KS page but reposting here as an "official" suggestion to Reaper...


Best idea I can think for a milestone stretch goal: Reaper kicks off a line of modular dungeon/cavern terrain pieces (floors, walls, etc) in affordable Bones plastic (but in grey to save some paint time). Cheaper than DF, less work than Hirst, and would promote more multiple purchases than your average figure. Stretch goal could offer 8 freebie basic pieces and a pack of more specialized stuff (doors, furnishings, traps...) for $15.


I think this would be a fantastic long-term cash cow for Reaper, too.

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I'd like to see:


*Fairies, male or female

*Male Bard

*More male characters not holding swords or massive weaponry

*Sea Hag

*Water Elemental

*More abberations

*Vampires, male preferably

*Female character holding a hammer (Mother Superior is a good example)

*Angels, male or female

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  • Air and water elementals maybe as a clear or blue tinted lot of 4 or 5 models
  • Undead reinforcements: Mummy, Vampire, Ghoul or Ghast, and Wight (all generic as possible, so I can green stuff additional ones to look different if I get them)
  • Common familiars: bat, cat, hawk, lizard, monkey, owl, raven, toad, weasel, and imp
  • Common animal companions: ape, bear, boar, tiger, leopard, crocadile, dog, and wolf
  • Horse, pony, and camel with saddles (so it could be a mount/animal companion, or green stuffed to be a pack animal)
  • Additional animals: Hyena, Goblin Dog, dire bear, dire boar, dire tiger, dire wolf
  • Set of wings... Feathery, leathery, and butterfly-like so that we can turn other Bones models into fey, angels, or fiends :)

Well, that's all probably too unrealistic for the time we have left, but I think with that the Bones line would be pretty comprehensive for coverng the needs of most gamers.



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The dungeon decor elements introduced as the $1.1M reward are nice, but I'd like to see more of what's already available become part of the Bones line...

  • 02313: Treasure Hoard I
  • 02320: Treasure Hoard II
  • 02695: Fungus Patch

among others.

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I would like to see sprues with items or weapons. I would think this would make some coversions/modifications more easily accomplished. Kinda thinking.. guitars (or other musical instruments). Maybe a frying pan, a cricket bat or a lamp shaped like a leg.

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Elementals (the other two kinds, translucent plastic please), and cavalry. That's all I want now. The rest of the bases have been pretty well covered.



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