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Color My Mini!

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I'm setting this up now so it can run while I'm doing my other WIP, and then I can do this up. I have selected a miniature, but I need you to select the colors.


Here's how it works. If you follow this link, you can vote on colors:






Hair: Red

Skin: Tie (color roulette)

Boots: Chestnut Brown

Gloves: Chestnut Brown

Sword Blade: Color roulette

Sword hilt/guard: Color roulette

Armor Main: Tie (color roulette)

Cloth: Turqoise

Helmet Trim: Color roulette

Armor Frill: Color roulette

Shield: Yellow

Shield Design (Heart): Black

Lips: Black

Tile Stone 1: Granite

Tile Stone 2: Stone Grey

Tile Stone 3: Dove Grey



Color roulette means that I will blindly pick a random color from my stash, which could be anything.


In the event of a tie in any category, it will default to color roulette.


Whatever colors are chosen will form the midtone, and I'll paint the miniature with the requisite techniques I usually use - even if it means purple hair and turqoise skin.


For an extra layer of fun and amusement, when it's finished I'll put it up on CMON for votes and see what results we get.


Ready? Here she is:


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I can't get to the poll no matter what I click, so I'll just spout some random colors and hope you add them to the poll results.


yellow, gray, green

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I can't get to the poll no matter what I click, so I'll just spout some random colors and hope you add them to the poll results.


yellow, gray, green


It should ask you to choose to not use safe mode, then click "save", and then the poll should appear.


In future, now I know to submit it to a category a few days in advance so the "safe mode" page won't come up.


It's a learning experience for me.



ETA: The poll runs until Saturday, so if you can't get in currently (might be the case since I submitted it for a category to try and get rid of the safe mode page) then try again in a day or two.


Anybody runs into problems, just let me know. Never done this before and we'll work the kinks out.

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It's one of the sillier RAFM Women of the Ninth Meridian minis. 3698. It's NIC now but I wrote them with the order numbers and got some made up.


There's a handy list of catalogs here: http://dndlead.com/Catalogs.htm and you can find most of the RAFM I've got in the 1994 catalog.


Wot9M are on page 17.

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I really love some of the older stuff, especially the Ral Partha and the old Julie Guthrie Grenadier sculpts. I wish that Ironwind Metals website was better.

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I'm going to be away from the computer most of the weekend, but I'm hoping to see some paint when I check in.


I'm in the process of setting up my paint table again but until then I'm still painting vicariously thru you.

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    • By Rick Anderson
      Hopefully the old timers in this forum can help me out.  I recently went through my bins of bones and metals and dragged out all the ghouls and ghasts I could find and then painted them up.  I had Reaper's 2450, 3716, a bunch of 77159, and 2102 (that one's a ghoulish looking zombie but it got painted).  I also came across two blisters from the old RAFM company 3892 and 3894 and the lost minis wiki says they were sculpted by Bob Murch.  They're much older in style (ie - very armature basic) in comparison to today's standards and I was curious if anyone knows the release date of these miniatures?
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      I had these in an RAFM blister and as I recall their bases said RAFM (I glued them to 1.5-inch fender washers for stability). I haven't been able to identify them.  They look like the sorts of giant wolves that are ridden by goblins.
      I am not sure where they came from.  Well, apart from RAFM, obviously.
      They are pretty big.  Here's a size comparison with the RAFM one on the far right:

      Left to right these are: a wolf from Reaper 02830; a wolf from Reaper 77176; Reaper 03682 Willow Greenivy; a giant wolf from Thunderbolt Mountain 8560; and an RAFM mystery wolf.
      I painted them as several different types of wolf, one with a snow base and two with grassy bases, for multiple uses. Their bases are 1.5".





      Extensive WIP with lots of color mixing and technique notes here.
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      RAFM Hartha the Death Machine, Orc War Triceratops.
      A great vintage lead kit..
      Of course it HAD to go into my Lost World Project.
      WIP here:

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      This mini was in with a collection that a childhood friend gave me. My original idea was to put him in a field of tall grass, dark and moonlit. After three attempts to make a grassy field, I gave up. The right arm broke off with all the messing around so I had to pin it back on. I ended up just attempting a snowy field with some grass sticking up out of the snow. It's definitely not my finest work. But, it has been occupying space on my painting table for too long. So, I'm calling it done. Advice on how I could have achieved either the grass or snow effects better are gratefully appreciated. 

    • By Pingo
      Here's something I have been meaning to do for a while, since apparently I have had Tom Meier's Thunderbolt Mountain pack of three giant wolves (Thunderbolt Mountain #8560) and RAFM's three dire wolves so long I can't even remember when I got them or how on earth I got an RAFM product I can't seem to find mention of on the internet.
      I also nabbed a set of Reaper's #02830 Wolf Pack, which contains three smaller wolves, still impressively sized next to humans.
      Here they are, cleaned and glued to bases (all nine wolves were more prone to tipping over sideways than I like).
      Reaper, on one-inch fender washers:

      Thunderbolt Mountain, on 1.25-inch fender washers:

      RAFM, on 1.25-inch fender washers:

      And here they are together for a size comparison, from left to right:  A Reaper wolf from the set, the Bones wolf from the Familiar Set #77176, Reaper's Willow Greenivy #03682, a Tom Meier giant wolf and an RAFM dire wolf.

      I would say the Reaper wolves are the most classically wolf-shaped.  They are a bit large for wolves (see the picture above for scale).  They are realistic and look well posed for various purposes.
      The two larger sets of wolves are almost the size of small ponies and look like they are begging for goblin riders.
      The Thunderbolt Mountain giant wolves have the elegant long, thin legs Tom Meier gives a lot of his creatures (I have also seen some astonishingly elegant wolfhounds and impossibly graceful insect-like horses from his hand).  Here they look maybe almost a little too long and thin, but they are certainly beautifully sculpted, as are the ranks of fur sliding along the animals' forms.  Their poses are realistic and expressive.
      The RAFM dire wolves, as large as the Thunderbolt Mountain ones, are a lot more cartoony.  Their faces are kind of pushed-in and piggy and their anatomy doesn't make as much sense.  They move oddly, although melodramatically.  They definitely have a mood of menace to them.
      Something was a little off with the casting of the Thunderbolt Mountain wolves.  Two of them had little pits along their spines, as though there were just not quite enough pewter in the mold or something.  I filled them in with epoxy and tried to smooth it out to match the surface.


      At the moment the figures are glued but not yet primed.  When I paint these, I am thinking of painting them mostly as realistic grey wolves, white arctic wolves, and perhaps some black wolves.
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