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Alright It's going to take a few posts in this thread to complete all of this. Since the game "Tomorrow's War" by Ambush Alley Games has dropped I've been planning on doing a GI Joe Mod. So I'll start with the what Reaper doesn't provide.


The HISS Tank

Of anything in the arsenal you'll have to scratch build this. Here is a Website with a detailed review and pictures of the most recent addition to the HISS tank line. And here is a site with the blue prints that came with the toys from the 80's. (The HISS is near the bottom of this page of blue prints.) Here's his second page of blue prints.


As for the Joe vehicles most are based off of US military equipment so these can be obtained in 1/48 model kits, or kit bashed from them.


Next Post: The Reaper Forces of COBRA!!!!

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Alright here we go. The Forces of Cobra:


Obviously Cobra grunts/troops will come right from the NOVA Security Models


Currently they really don't make a Cobra Commander however with some green stuff you can certainly mod him from:

Andre Durand, Time Chaser


The Baroness

Astrid Berger, Female Spy OR

Natalia, Female Secret Agent



Boris Barayev, Five Suns Smuggler


Dr Mindbender (He's one of those based on taste so I present 2 versions)

Dr. Ervin Friedman, Mad Scientist

Professor L.T. Froschmeister, Scientist


Bio-Viper/Mindbender creation

Crosswire, Super Villain



Ninja of the Ghost Dragon Clan


That wraps up this installation, and by no means is this exaustive. If you have suggestions feel free to make them.

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Time for the Joe's.


So the IMEF Marines make perfect GI Joe grunts



Nick Stone, IMEF Squad Leader



Veronica Blaze, Agent of G.U.A.R.D.


Snake Eyes

Cobra, Modern Ninja



Frank Russo, Mercenary Hero


Lady Jay

Sarah Blitzer, IMEF Sniper


Ripcord (yeah I know this model is a girl)

Kassia Switlick, Skydiver



Reggie Van Zandt, IMEF Heavy Gunner



“Torch” McHugh, IMEF Flame Thrower


Wild Bill

John Bishop, Space Marshal


Deep Six

Deep Sea Diver


OK there you go. By no means is this list exhaustive and like last time Feel free to add suggestions.

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Does anybody else suddenly want chocolate-covered donuts and grape soda?

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I'm really sorry to do this since it isn't a Reaper model, but there really is a near-perfect cobra commander model.





Also, the recent Cobra hiss from the Chibi-ish "Rapid Rollers" series is a workable size for 28mm. It needs quite a bit of upgrading (fixing tracks, removing wheels, removing pilot and covering cockpit, etc, but I've got one I found at a resale shop that's awaiting a conversion.



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Well that is a perfect Cobra Commander. The problem is ordering just the figure from the UK to the US ain't cheap. So if you find a US distributor let me know.

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He's not available from Black Hat, or I could help out. Get him added to my soon Coat D'Arms raid and send him off from here.


I did, however, find some world war one goblins.


At least, I think I did.


It may be that somebody just spiked my coffee.

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I love it! The only problem is Barbecue was a firefighter. The figure you have for him may be better suited for Blowtorch.

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