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It Came From Beyond the Still

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Hey guys

Anyone played this game? What are your thoughts? I just picked up some Greys from Reaper for my first game.

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More info? I'd never heard of it until you mentioned it.

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Sorry, didn't mean to tease, I didn't see a reply had been posted! Its a tongue in cheek sci fi skirmish game. Forget marines and tanks, here we have revenuers, blobs, greys, hillbillies and men in plaid. The mechanics look pretty solid, I plan to play my first game at Hurricon in a couple of weeks.


There is a reveiw of it here...



I am still working on getting my greys painted in and amongst my other game projects!

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I've watched it develop on the Lead Adventure Forum and it looked nifty - never picked up a copy of the finished rules though.

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Love this game! The concepts, writing and minis are a hoot! I've got greys and blobs, and I'll probably pick up some of their hillbilly minis, which I think are available for pre-order. The books they have coming down the pike look hilarious too!

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    • By Werewolvians
      I could bad mouth Prodos all day (KS backer), but instead I'll just share some pictures.
      Shoulder Cannon Predator, Berserker Predator, and Colonial Marine.

    • By Lidless Eye
      Fresh off the paint table, some Rogues from the Stars from...well, "Rogue Stars".  They're very retro, and would definitely work for "Slipstream" or "Rogue Stars" as well.

      The assembled Rogues:

      The Captain (though he strikes me as more of a Rogue Trader:

      The Rogue:

      The Lionman:


      The Floyd-Bot:

      Big Bot:

      The, Crime Lord:

      Security Officer:

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    • By Jay
      The grand folks at Firaxis games produced a winner for me. They updated the classic XCOM game and produced XCOM 2.
      I thought it stayed true to the feel of the original game while adding great looks and good game play.
      The plot is Aliens have invaded Earth and are trying to take over. You have to stop them and save the human race.
      In the second release you failed and your team are now a rag tag bunch of terrorists trying to bring down the one world government.
      One of the nice things they did was to throw the game open to modding. If you purchased the game on steam you can also subscribe to the XCOM to developer package free of charge. They make the tools and ALL the assets from the game available.
      I wanted to see if I could extract game assets and print some mementos for my self. I found out you definitely can extract the assets. The only issue with printing them is they're optimized for visual presentation and not for 3d printing. I started with something simple and edited it for FDM printing.
      I present the Alien overlord statue! (You show your love for your overlords by blowing it up in the introductory trailing mission)
      FDM has issues with "overhangs". You can't draw molten plastic with nothing under it. Gravity pulls the molten plastic and it doesn't just hang in mid air. Darn gravity!
      I split the statue in half so there are minimal overhangs. The arms are built up vertically from the bottom to the top:
      Each mirrored half was printed:

      Then a test fitting:

      Slapped on some one part bondo (for fixing scratches on cars):

      a bunch of sanding:

      Then some spray painted gold paint:

      A 3d printed base:

      And it's done!

      I'm happy with the result. The surface texture is still not wonderful. I'm still experimenting with methods to improve that.
      It's supposed to look like this:

      Have a great weekend, See you at ReaperCon!
    • By Unit04
      These are the Leaders from the board game Space Cadets: Away Missions by Stronghold games.  I was working on these guys from before Christmas, but then had to put all my painting equipment away.  It took me a while to finally get it all back out and finish these guys up. I think they painted up a bit better and easier than the minions, though it may have just been that there are so few leaders in comparison.  
      Thematic paint used - Blood Red.  These are bad guy leaders, after all.  

    • By Jasper_the_2nd
      Here it is!
      Conclusive evidence of the existence of aliens!!!!


      Sorry, I may not have got enough sleep this weekend.....
      Anyway, picture, if you will, a race from another planet, not unlike our own.  They discover a new planet with intelligent life. While they journey to meet them, they study the broadcasts of this race's own space exploration.  From what they learn they pattern their own uniforms to follow the same colour system as the great explorers of this new species they journey to meet.

      These guys are just done to tabletop.  I needed something to paint at work so ran down to the Bones storage facility on a Sunday night and picked something from the Chronoscope drawer. They were fun and quick to do.  I have 20 more to do so they may end up in here at some point in the future.
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