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Repackaged and marketed to kids as toys


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#1 VladePsyker



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Posted 21 August 2012 - 05:15 PM

Just curious if any thought has been given to repackaging and selling the bones mini's line into the childrens toy market ?

Having seen the bend in the bones shall we say, I was reminded of one of my favorite toys when I was a child, the matchbox Monster in My Pocket from the 90's which was also a PVC type material. They had an ages 5+ rating although the regs may have changed since then. But I could easily see 8+ year olds getting in on the action especially if they're cast in different colors or even given a generic coat of acrylic which is seems won't come off.

Of course selling any toy into the childerns market requires a level of testing/paperwork before it's deemed safe so its not as simple as throw some in a box and sell, but seem like it could possibly be a way to offload any overflow from model runs that simply aren't selling to recoup costs.

I mean look at the classic army men plastic models they don't come much cheaper and nastier than that, and they still have approval to sell to children ;)

a second market with the same inventory ? why the hell not ;)

#2 Dr.Bedlam



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Posted 21 August 2012 - 07:06 PM

1. Unit price would have to be cheap enough, and I am unsure that the Bones plastic allows for that. Generic green army men are made from this unghodly stuff that actually rejects super glue and most other forms of adhesive, and repels paint. I assume it's the cheapest possible plastic, and it renders modern green army men unmodifiable and unpaintable.

2. Distribution could be interesting. How does one break into the toy market? Unless one is Wal-Mart, that is.

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