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1st Mini in about 2 years - Pathfinder Sinspawn

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So I said I was going to start painting again, and I apparently REALLY meant it. I started this at 0008 and finished it up at 0046. So it is definitely a fast paint job, but not the worst thing I've ever done. I got highlights and shadows in there, it has pseudo blending, and I used 9 whole colors.

I didn't clean mold lines or any flash I couldn't easily pull off with my finger. I'll base it at some point later. And the photo is from my cell phone.

So for a 2 year hiatus, what do you think?



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I find it grossly unfair that your fortysomething minutes of skintone blending equals my results after multiple days of slaving over a troll.


I'm trying to hate you, but I can't. Paintjob just looks too gnarly.

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Thanks guys.


No I'm not fibbing about the time...


I think it would have turned out very different if I hadn't grabbed the mid-tone by mistake for my base coat. And I don't think that would have been better.


Now that I have some sleep in me and going back to look at it I don't dislike it like I thought I would. Yeah!

It's definitely tabletop quality, but since that's what I need it for -Perfect!-.


I'm glad to be back.

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Nice! You definitely won the midnight speed-paint heat. All figures in favor, raise your hand. :;):

Your highlighting shows well in the back view. In the front view, the natural shadows and the gray color of the surrounding walls are flattening your work.

If you want to spend 10 more minutes on it, I could see some time-effective benefits in lining and shading the loincloth, and adding some higher highlights on the face and tongue (slimy/wet highlights there). Even if not, he'll look nice and scary on the tabletop like this.

Now that you're back into painting, I would suggest setting up a piece of paper for a simple background on future photos, so the surroundings don't distract from your figure.

Welcome back,


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