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Guild Wars 2

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Husband talked me into playing Guild Wars 2 this last weekend, so bye bye gobs of free time....


Yeah, I don't have a hell of a lot of free time (who does?!) so, for me it's a choice between painting, or GW2 or reading. Those are the things I do during unwindy nighttime hours. Lately? GW2. Well, I still stay up way late reading.

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Oh, there's a thread for this. I'm in a guild called Bat Country on Gates of Madness (yay lovecraftianisms). I just putter around mostly, still level 25 (warrior) playing since launch.


My time sinks are reading (I work at a library), classical guitar, painting minis, GW2. GW2 tends to fit in when I just want to shut the brain down and chill for a bit. Since I have ADHD, it doesn't last too long! Though the game is really suited to that condition, lots of little things to grab one's attention.

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