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Halloween Ghost

Ghost sheet

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#1 cornbread



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Posted 21 September 2012 - 09:38 PM

So I sculpted this and show my wife the "ghost". She kinda looked at it and said "really?".

"OK, it is a guy in a sheet out trick or treating" I said.

"Oh, now I see it"
ghost 1.jpg ghost 2.jpg

The ultimate goal is to cast this in a clear resin
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#2 dks



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Posted 24 September 2012 - 03:41 PM

Cute! If you get it cast in clear resin, what will you do with it? Use it in a game or in a diorama, put it on display by itself, ...?

I do see the ghost (head, 2 arms, flowing sheet-robe), but I have a suggestion before you cast it:
People might recognize it as a ghost/humanoid more easily if they saw eyes or eye-holes. You could use a knife to cut away the face and then resculpt a face that includes eyes/eye-holes.

If you're willing to go as far as sculpting a version-2, I would suggest paying more attention to the drapery. A sheet draped over a person would have logical folds and billows, which your sculpture doesn't quite achieve. You can get away with a lot by saying that it's "ethereal cloth" or ectoplasm, but you might still find it useful to start with a reference and then deviate from it. You could ask your wife to model (wear a sheet and strike a pose) while you take photos as reference on the folds and drapery. Don't forget to assure her that she's much lovelier without the sheet. :;):


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