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Bones Gnoll Warrior experiment

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As an experiment I painted this Bones Gnoll Warrior without priming it first, and using DecoArt Americana Acrylics craft paint, which I dilute a lot with Liquitex flow aid and fluid retarder. There was no beading at all and the mini really took this cheap paint well. I just got back into painting minis after a twenty year hiatus (actually longer if I am honest) and wanted to keep the costs down while I worked on my technique. I thought some folks might be interested in the results from an unprimed Bones. Of course now that I have photographed it I see all kinds of mistakes, but I did paint it really fast (for me). I chose the colour of the fur based on how I thought he looked kind of like a lion (rather than the hyena look).






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looking good for a quick paintjob :)

is there a mold line on the back of the cloth?

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This is where you picked up after 20+ years of not painting? you must have been a pro

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Great job....and really well done with the cheap paints. This is a great painted mini, but like Nameless I spy a mold line on the back of the cloth and it really steals attention away from the mini for me. Thanks for the write-up, I am looking forward to slapping some paint on my Bones minis when they arrive in March.

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Get ready to see a lot more mold lines on painted minis.

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thanks for the comments -- much appreciated. This is the first paint job I've posted. Yes indeed that is a mould line. They are pretty hard to see because the plastic is so white, and I can't figure out how to remove them without gouging the surface anyway. It is so soft an x-acto just cuts into it. I'll have to work on that.

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    • By Glitterwolf
      This is a heavy detailed bust from Legendarion.
      Meet Gebhuza the Hyena Warrior.
      In my mind he's an assassin / Bodyguard type, look at all those knives he's carrying besides his sword,
      I tried to make him into a Spotted Hyena.
      Hope you guys enjoy him.
      For those interested the WIP:

    • By Glitterwolf
      As another part of the 54mm challenge Ub3r N3rd and Dontfear started I have chosen this one from Legendarion.
      Gebhuza Hyena Warrior Bust,
      Awesome sculpt, no flash at all... Only the sword is separate so no filling gaps with greenstuff, just clean it, paint it..
      The "paint it" part is easier said then done, sooo much detail.. all those knives... He's amazing.
      So first Pic, right out of the box. Pleas be patient with me, I've got three busts a 54mm and a 28mm on my workbench now.

    • By Crowley
      I'm a little (a lot) behind on my threads, and even more so on getting to work on May's figure of the month. It didn't help that I didn't order him until the middle/end of the month.
      I started last night... Prep was done in the usual way, first by washing in warm soapy water, then attaching him to the cork. I then cleaned up mold lines, though I missed a few. Mainly the one running across his knuckles on his left hand. Then I painted on a 5:2 brown liner & flow improver mix. As you can see below, I'm working on a few other minis too. The orc and werebat will get their own threads later. 

      Tonight was blocking in base colors, and working a bit on the skin. I'm sticking with the gnoll theme I did way back in the chainmail days with the gnolls all being demonic, to one extent or another. So they all get greyish fleshy faces, hands, and feet. I used Void blue for that, then mixed in cloudy grey to bring the color up. The fur was Nut Brown, with the ruff getting some Vallejo Red Leather. The cloth is Dragon Red, as are the lips. Everything that is going to be metal got a coat of Black. 

      And that's where I'll pick it up tomorrow!
      Thanks for looking. C&C welcome!
    • By knarthex
      So I finally got tired of this guy, and basically finished him up, put him on the base and called him done....

      Tried a few new things with him, such as adding an off white to the base color of his skin for high lighting, as well as the work on his "Skirt"
      Overall, I am certainly happy with him as a piece to be used eventually in a Frostgrave campaign...
      Thanks for looking!
      OOpsie, WiP here
      June will be the Black Orc Archer,
      The Haminister of Truth and I poked around the catalog and came up with next months mini...
      03429: Black Orc Archer 
      in Metal
      77056: Orc Sniper (Archer) For those of you that prefer Bones....
    • By EldritchEladrin
      Another demon lord for the index:

      I'd like to give special thanks to @Gadgetman! for his advice on my Gnoll Warrior post. I used a lot of his suggestions to improve this mini, especially highlighting the jaws and matted fur.

      Uploaded via mobile phone, so hopefully the pictures aren't too big. Enjoy!
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