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The eyes, face, sword blade, armor, cloak..all very well executed and shaded. Very excellent work! You really captured the 'feel' of this miniature perfectly.


My uno observation is that I think his nails are a little too clean in appearance to me, but he may have just had a mani. :huh:

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Well, look at his hair. He obviously hit the stylist/salon recently. :lol:


As for the miniature, it's gorgeous! I love the shading and highlights on his face, and the choice to do the cloak in a reddish-brown was very lovely. Well done ^_^

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I really like the sword blades. They're stained with orcy neglect.


Is that what the kids these days are calling elf gore? Cause I like it!

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Thank you all. I did the armor on him at the same time I did the Battleguard Golem. I think the effect worked better on this model but c'est la vie. For those interested the color on the armor was MSP Blackened Brown followed by strategic placement of Walnut Brown then Pure Black.

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    • By Joe the Revelator
      Howdy Reaper! I haven't posted in a very, very long time, so I figured I'd get back in touch with my mini painting roots. Last night I finished my kitbash fighter. I wanted to try making a weaponmaster (great weapons) with swappable weapon parts. With magnets. The answer is always magnets.
      With the exception of a few oversize weapons from old warhammer variants I had rattling around in my scraps bin, the Reaper minis I savaged for this project were: 77382: Vernone, Ivy Crown Knight, 03447: Weapons Pack 7, and 60113: Technic League Captain.
      And yes. I made fun screaming sounds under my breath when I detached their heads with my wire cutters.

      Magnets were socketed with super-glue.

      Plumber's putty for the base, with flat metal inserts for the magnets. Although, on reflection, Greenstuff would have been less crumbly.

      My base coat was yellow (not show) so it would have a slight sepia bleed-through. I washed with a black mix, mostly water, so he would look grungy. Very grungy.

      And lastly, the weapons (which affix to the raw metal shards at the base) are differentiated by having brass parts. All the other weapons (static parts) are from the assortment pack.

      It's all about the accessories, right?

      Anyway, thank you Reaper for being awesome and having so many great models, although I'm slightly sad I cut the head off a Bobby Jackson sculpture (that's why I bought 2!) And thanks to the painters here who showed me everything I know. I'm still growing.
      Warm Regards,
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      AKA Dorva Shinystab Strongface

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      I finished my Damaris Walmund, Duskwarden, yesterday. I painted her to look Elf-like, since she will be joining my Ghost Archipelago all-Elf crew in the role of a Hunter. I'm really pleased with this one; it's about as good as I can manage.
         The jacket is Folk Art Color Shift paint, which turned out pretty neat as a pearly metallic, but I don't see much color shifting in it.    I tried for a strawberry blond on the hair, but it ended up going more pinkish; not that that's a bad thing. 
         Her face was a challenge, particularly the way the vest collar partially obscures part of the mouth and the hair partially overhangs the eyes.  For some reason painting parts of things is harder than painting the whole...   And I noticed in the photos that here's a little bleb of dark paint over her left eye.  Oh, well, consider it a birthmark, as I am not going back in and repairing it at this point and risk messing up the whole thing! 
      On the base, I attempted to blend her integral cobbled base into a grassy surrounding by adding some loose cobbles around it, cut from a bit of Bones sprue, as if it was part of some ruined floor for path and slowly breaking apart.

    • By wickedshifty
      These were a couple recent projects, so happy with how they came out, can’t wait til they make it to the table...I particularly like the folds on the worm. 

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