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The eyes, face, sword blade, armor, cloak..all very well executed and shaded. Very excellent work! You really captured the 'feel' of this miniature perfectly.


My uno observation is that I think his nails are a little too clean in appearance to me, but he may have just had a mani. :huh:

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Well, look at his hair. He obviously hit the stylist/salon recently. :lol:


As for the miniature, it's gorgeous! I love the shading and highlights on his face, and the choice to do the cloak in a reddish-brown was very lovely. Well done ^_^

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I really like the sword blades. They're stained with orcy neglect.


Is that what the kids these days are calling elf gore? Cause I like it!

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Thank you all. I did the armor on him at the same time I did the Battleguard Golem. I think the effect worked better on this model but c'est la vie. For those interested the color on the armor was MSP Blackened Brown followed by strategic placement of Walnut Brown then Pure Black.

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    • By 72moonglum
      So I recently posted Rozmina, the Half-Orc Pirate from Derek Schubert.  Here is the other half-orc I was working on at the same time, but as this one had a lot more going on with armor and such, he took quite a while longer.  

      Really cool mini sculpted by Bob Olley around 2003, large figure, good heft to him.  the only frustrating part on this one was the chainmail and trying to get all the paint into all those little holes, and I can see some spots where it didn't work quite like I wanted it to.  Also what color would you guys call his metals that aren't "steel" colored?  Referring to the hilt, the belt buckle, and that heart looking thing protecting his manly parts?
    • By 72moonglum
      Hello all,
      so here's a mini I've had literally for years and years, probably around the time she was actually released, but didn't get around to painting her up until finishing her a few nights ago.  I worked on her at the same time I did another half-orc, which I still have pending.
      Anyhow, this is Rozmina, the half-orc pirate #3242, sculpted by Derek Schubert.  I fell in love with this figure the moment I saw it, but such as life is, never got around to painting her.  Too much love, not enough time.
      She didn't take too long to paint, the longest thing was trying to figure out her actual color scheme. Didn't know what color two do the three pieces of clothing she has on. Once I got that figured out she moved along pretty quickly. 
      She has big, expressive eyes, and I was getting really close to wanting to put the white reflective dot in there, but chickened out at the last moment.  I tried to actually do the "whites" of her eyes as a orangy yellow, but I kind of think it made the eyes get lost a bit in her green colored skin. 
      Anyhow, reasonably happy with how she came out, let me know what you think!
      EDIT:   so after looking at the eyes and not being so satisfied with them, I worked on them again a little last night and I still can't seem to get a super good picture of them, but here is a bit of an improvement hopefully:

      I added a little white dot to each eye (the one on the right hand side turned out better than the left) and tried to create a bit more lining around that eye, and a little less around the other eye.
      Don't know if that makes a difference or not?  Once again, it's always being unsatisfied with one's own work....
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      Another quick 2 hour job for some tabletop gaming. 

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