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I'm going to go for three, which is three more than average.

I'll get the Ogre finished and the werewolf I picked up when the KS was running. Third is yet to be determined.

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Here... Finishing up the wood elf mage as seen in the WIP forums... I also stripped the paint off of the Archangel that i started and am re-starting it, lets hope hes done this month..

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Continuing to plug away at my 1/35 Jagdpanzer IV L/70(V) project. Just ordered 2 frets of photo-etch parts to detail it up.


Besides that, planning on finishing up assorted Dark Elfs for Warhammer, and a few assorted Reaper/Otherworld minis for RPGs. Finally I want to finish up/magnetize my fleet for A Call to Arms: Noble Armada.



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I will be finishing;

Bones Ogre & DHL Swamp Hag & Highlander


I also aim to finish 10 5 WotC Chainmail Kobolds.


We'll see what else I get done in this month, but as I'll be back at work next week and my wife will be gone for 2 weeks starting next week as well things are not looking good.



AEG: Clan War Naga Abomination ('98 boxed set).

Studio McVey: Female Firebrand Conscript.

WotC: Dracolich (at last!!)

WotC: 5 Chainmail Kobolds

Bones Ogre Chieftain.

DHL: Kain Swiftblade

???: Zombie Captive

Citadel: Owlbear

Citadel: Human Fighter

Reaper DHL: Swamp Hag

Reaper DHL: Hell Hounds (2)

Ral Partha: Wood Elf

Reaper DHL: Killer Frog

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What's the goal of a roll call?


To help motivate people to paint. It is a place for people to place their painting goals for the month.


I don't see a list.... is there supposed to be a list?


If you'd like. I don't because it becomes a list of everything I don't do for the month. I've actually painted more by writing out what is stopping me, writing down vague nebulous goals, and then magically I paint more. :;):

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goal: finally finish painting cinder. 3 minis for my gamer buddies. finish basing the bard, ranger and paladin.

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October Goals: All of my GW and Reaper zombies, ghouls, and mummies = 30-40 minis

Bonus Goal: Pathfinder campaign NPCs and daemons.

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October goals:

14 Hinterland Sailors

17 VSF Brits

1x Roman Aquilifer

1x Andromedan conversion

1x VSF car

the rest of the good intentions queue, none of which have seen a brush since March.


And if my box of minis from Australia ever arrives, we increase that by an order of magnitude.

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finish zombie unit(30 minis) then start on ghoul unit(30 minis) prime skeletal unit(60 mins) plus start working on my undead orc archers.

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I'm doing a 6 man unit of Cygnar trenchers right now, ton of other stuff on the table too.


Okay, the trenchers are driving me up a wall, so I've switched over to the wraiths from 03424. I need em if I'm ever doing that 4E game, anyway...


Edit: And now he's done. Base done, anyway, not sure if I'm going to say "good enough" or Quickstain him...


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    • By Brianuk
      Have had to rush some minis for our ongoing Dnd campaign, Hoard of the Dragon Queen. Am not the DM but paint the minis. 
      All Reaper Bones that started with Army Painter ink washes in one colour over the whole thing. Then using Vallejo paints as base layers and finishing off with another ink wash to tie things together.
      The Drakes are "young fire dragons" with the wings cut off. With more time I would have sorted out the two stumps where each wing was. 
      The Lizardman is standing in for a troglodyte and the Lilies are standing in for Violet Fungi. 
      The cultists are just the Mythos / Cthulu cultists. 
      There is a roper as well. 
      Can really recommend lining Bones with ink as a liner which I know a lot of others recommend. The whole lot took 3 hours so it is a quick way of getting things onto the table. 

    • By Pingo
      This is Patrick Keith's 50246: Marie, She-Bot, famous from the old Fritz Lang movie "Metropolis," and two other robots Johnny Lauck sold adjacent to his sci fi Salvage Crew.
      I painted them up in less than an hour. WIP thread here.







    • By Crowley
      After converting Ingrid to better match the character she's going to represent (giving her a bow and rapier), last night I got to painting.

      I started with thinned down brown liner, then went straight to the eyes with Linen White. Surf Aqua was used for her irises, and brown liner for the pupil. I painted her flesh with a 2:1 Warrior Flesh: Linen White mix. Her hair is Blond Shadow with highlights of Tanned Leather. Her lower lip is a 1:1 blend of her flesh tone with Old West Rose.

      The armor, gloves, boots were painted with a thinned Rich Leather. The bow and scabbard are painted with a mix of Brown Liner and Rich Leather. Her cloak was painted with Mountain Stone, and then washed with a 1:2:2 mix of Grey Liner: Mountain Stone: Flow Improver.

      Because I want to bring her to game on Wednesday, and don’t think I’ll get any more time to work on her between now and then, I picked out the end of the scabbard and the tips of the bow with Dragon Bronze, and gave the base a quick wet brush of Redstone Shadow.

      Not bad for a night's work...
    • By Midi
      Each of these took me about two hours to paint. Pretty happy with how they turned out, but I was going for more if a woven grass look on the hobgoblin but don't think I actually achieved it.

    • By Chaoswolf
      I speed painted these zombies probably a month ago, I just haven't been in the mood to take pictures or hobby since I finished 'em. Well, I had a pretty good day yesterday, and I think my mojo might be back, so you get some pictures.
      I think I spent about 7 hours on them as a group, and they're painted to a tabletop level. Thanks for looking.


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