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Venomspitter, AoE, and Poison

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Does the Reptus Venomspitter inflict a wound and a poison marker with their AoE RAV?


I'm used to my Gnoll archers inflicting a wound and poison with their arrows, but I'm not sure about these Reptus, and will be playing them soon!!


I'm at the office and away from my rulebook. Sigh.


Any help appreciated.

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It is a ranged attack, so yes, it inflicts a wound, plus Poison.



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Thank you!! It should make painting them a little faster.

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      Delicate piece. Glued a swordhand, head, tail, wings and a dagger. Wish i had more time, but i had to call finished at this point. Spent about a week more than usual on him. So much going on with him.

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      Ok, I'm entering datacards from the 2ed rulebook into a new database and ran across this model with the MAV stats showing as:
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      1st off, this guy is difficult to find key words for when looking him up in Reapers miniatures sale pages. Dragon Warrior doesn't pull him up, neither does dragonkin, half dragon or lizard warrior ( most of which pull up a lot of models in the same class.) If the sales are low, it may be because he is hard to know he exists. 
      Originally he was going to be a good D&D dragon, most likely gold. Then coincidentally a friend wanted a bunch of bad half dragons for a campaign and I mentioned I had just picked this one up. He wanted each a different color and this one was going to be either white or blue. White was tough and the sculpt made it even tougher. I really had to jam the paintbrush in a lot of crevasses and create a few painted up scales that I felt were missing. 
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      Sorry for the 'batch' aspect, but... it is indeed a batch submission of some of the last pieces coming out of the production line for Septembre and October. I couldn't really decide which one to post so here you go :)

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