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Swag Points !!

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#16 dwarvenranger



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Posted 07 October 2012 - 01:36 PM

So how did you get the reaperbucks for the auction?
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#17 Heisler


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Posted 07 October 2012 - 01:56 PM

You get ReaperBucks for just about everything you do at ReaperCon. Taking classes for sure and a number of the games give out ReaperBucks for playing. All the various versions we have of the Dungeon Crawl gave out ReaperBucks every time you played. So there are plenty of ways to get them.

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#18 dwarvenranger



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Posted 07 October 2012 - 02:44 PM

Ah I forgot about getting them with the classes
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#19 Pingo



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Posted 07 October 2012 - 04:07 PM

All I ever wanted was the paint rack.

I got my first Casket Works in 2004, in my very first Reaper order. Issue 16, with a very festive Santa Sophie driving her sleigh full of presents.

I'd ordered . . . I dunno, maybe 10 miniatures. This was just after I started back into the hobby, and Reaper was my second stop. My first was IWM, where I ordered old Ral Parthas. I got those, loose, crammed in a teeny tiny box. Two were miscasts, one was the wrong mini, and on top of that it was sent UPS so I wound up with an extra $25 charge over and above shipping plus retail - the infamous "brokerage fee". Plus it took nearly a month and a half to show up.

I was not impressed. Reaper, on the other hand, got my package out to me in the space between Christmas and New Year's - right in the middle of the biggest holiday week of the year . . . and I'd ordered it on Christmas Eve!

How? Clearly it was either magic, elves, the Santa Succubus, or all three working together.

This was amazing. Then I opened the box. All my minis were there, wrapped snugly in their own little blisters. All properly put out, too. No miscasts. No mix-ups.

Then I dug deeper, and I had a free bottle of paint!


And then deeper, yet, a FREE CATALOG!


To fully express my shock here, it should be noted that in all my years previous the only time I ever got a mini catalog was when the store got the new one and I could take the ratty old previous year's copy - IF I was fast enough to be there before anybody else.

Best. Christmas. Ever. Even better than the time I won $6,000.

Oh wait . . . actually that might have been the same Christmas.

*counts on fingers*

It was!

Now . . . look at that. Does that tell you everything you need to know about Reaper's level of awesome or what? I won 6 grand the same time I order ten minis from Reaper - and I have to do math to remember the 6 grand, but the ten minis are etched in perfect clarity.

Anyway, I'm going somewhere with this. Be patient.

On page 78 of this Most Glorious Casketworks is the Swag. And for 90 points, I could get a paint rack. A whole paint rack! That I had no paint to put in this rack, save the one free bottle of "mystery brown" was irrelevant. With a paint rack that nice, I'd find a way to get the paint to fill it up with.

Only 90 swag points. 90 miniatures. I could do that. I could totally do that.

So I did. And then when I had my bandit's bag of clipped loot, I logged on - ready to turn them in for my paint rack!

And there were no more to be had. Discontinued.


But anyway, I did get 90-something Super Amazing Miniatures out of it - so I figure I still came out on top.

And that's the story of how three plucky chipmunks and their adoptive father figure made a hit record album. Or, no, wait - it's the story of how a gang of totally non-violent gremlins were massacred by a guy named Billy and his cute little rodent Gizmo.

No wait, it's . . . well, I forget. But the point is . . . well, I forget that too.

But anyways, stay in school.

That's actually a really sweet story. And kind of tragic. Poor Buglips!

I had noticed the points things on some of my Reaper blister packs, and had clipped and saved them just in case. Then I found them so useful at keeping track of the names of the minis I had that I clipped the non-swag points ones too, just to keep a little file of what I already had.

Of course, at the moment, I have, mm, about 16 minis, not including the Ogre for Buglips' group painting thread over in WIP.

But I imagine keeping track of them will become more important as I will probably get more minis, not even counting Reaper's Kickstarter.

I built a boat. Spelljammer pictures here.


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#20 buglips*the*goblin


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Posted 08 October 2012 - 12:35 AM

I don't even bother keeping track anymore. That's how I wound up with six copies of 02006: Sidrith, Sword Sister by Sandra Garrity.

Silly smelly stanky shoed sneak squirrels six surplus sets Sandra's sword sister Sidrith, sixth serial sequence.

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#21 Halberkill



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Posted 08 October 2012 - 07:35 AM

Only 90 swag points. 90 miniatures. I could do that. I could totally do that.

So I did. And then when I had my bandit's bag of clipped loot, I logged on - ready to turn them in for my paint rack!

And there were no more to be had. Discontinued.

I have a similar story, except I could have had that paint rack, but I held out to get more things together in one package, and likewise found it discontinued when I had all my ephemeral swag points booty.


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