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a couple of bones i painted

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Here is 77008: male human fighter



and 77009: Werewolf



any tips or constructive comments welcome

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HI and welcome!


First off, your work looks very clean and paint seems to be where it needs to be for the most part, which is a great start.


With regards to the human warrior there's a portion of the sword that looks like it was damaged by an exacto knife (or other sharp instrument) and I'd recommend fixing that if possible. I also note a shade difference between the upper and lower tabard which seems a bit confusing.


With regards to the werewolf, it looks like you might have dry brushed a little too thickly on the fur, and thus eliminated some of the subtlety. It looks like you also tried adding some blood to the claws; I'd recommend darkening it a bit to be more realistic.


In all, it's great to have you out and you're off to a great start!!

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