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Avatars of War - Berserker Conversion

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I started this major "detail conversion" of one of the Avatars of War Dwarf Berserker figures.




You can see in this first photo, I have positioned the arms in a draw back-over the head position like he's bellowing in rage and at the same time leaned him back, which stretches the torso and exposes more belly. The left arm has already been filled in and sculpted with G.S..




In this one the right arm is now sculpted.




Now the belly has been sculpted.




Here I had to cut the beard in the center and lay it down. Due to the head being tilted back, the beard would have stuck strait out defying gravity. I'll have to re-sculpt the extended area where it was split.




At this stage the beard has been sculpted and a extra strand of Mohawk has been added to the front for additional detail. At this point the G.S. is still soft and I can still play a bit with the hair strands.




Here I'm working on the base insert. It will be a small rock out cropping covered in snow. Still playing with it and this may not be the final sculpt.


More to come.


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Brilliant. The GW Dwarf Slayer of old has been brought back with this. I'll admit, I still have a weakness for Mohawk wearing Dwarf Berserkers, to this day.

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    • By Maledrakh
      This was actually the first new mini I bought after I regained my interest for miniatures a few years ago.


      I remember being a bit miffed by the metal mini not having the same level as detail as the green they used for advertising.


      After prepping it, the mini disappeared in some box or other for a while. I found it a few weeks ago, and had to repair the scythe top as the blade had ripped up the top of the staff. Some wire and green stuff later, it was servicable again.




      Still, it is a great mini, with a coat made of strange leathers...

      and the Necronomicon riding on his hip...

      Which means he must have remembered to say the words correctly befire picking it up!




      made by Avatars of War


      30mm base

    • By primeval
      Once again I have veered off into another project rather  than finish the myriad already on my WIP shelf.... this one is an Avatars of War barbarian with a new axe head from Reaper and the lion helm added to make him Conan as King of Aquilonia! The lion helm was done by filing down his hair and head to fit inside a Fenryll piece and then sculpting the mane on.

    • By Fanelia
      Back with my second mini! This guy is the dwarf berserker lord / slayer from the Avatars of War line.
      It was only after I'd primed him that I realized what poor quality the casting seemed compared to my previous mini, I filled in where I could with GS, but unfortunately nearly half of his face was missing... But rather than try and sculpt him a new left eye and cheek, I took the lazy way out and made it a feature. I tried a lot of new things on this mini, blood, snow, aged bronze/brass, and was my first time painting so much skin and hair. I'm not totally happy with how he came out, overall he seems too brown, and the wash I applied to his skin made the recesses between the muscles a bit too blocky, but maybe I'm just picking faults after spending too many of my evenings for the past week with him. Good enough for the table at least.
      Funnily my favorite part of the whole model now he's done is how the ork's head he's standing on came out.
      As always advice is welcomed, as I'm still new at this.

    • By Drifter
      Newest figure finished
      I'm quite a fan of Wood Elves and the like, and couldn't resist this figure. Initially I actually bought Lorielle to convert her into a centaur, but when I saw the figure in person, I couldn't bring myself to do it ^^;
      So anyway, here she is

      Also, bonus photo of my other Wood Elf and her horse (my pathfinder character) which is an Avatars Of War Jade Guard, and I think the horse is from Wargames Factory, but I'm not 100% on that

      Also, for basing, I haven't done it yet, but I'll be doing her, and all my other woodlandy models, using a mix of sand, grass and leaves, as modeled by Boromir here

    • By Limey72
      So this is the second avatars mini that I have bought, the first, a female drow assassin was a reallllly bad sculpt, didn't paint her and almost didn't buy this guy but he redeemed my view of the mini line. He is a little dark in the pics but I love the pose. Please c&C;)

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