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02025: Kain Swiftblade

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This miniature was painted for use as a PC model. Unfortunately my work transfered me away from my players and so I had no motivation to finish the mini until I started on my current spree of painting.






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Way to go with venturing to NMM for the sword blade! Everything is clean, crisp and the gemstones are looking very gem-like.

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Neat. I've got this guy too. Also a weird version of him I've not seen in a catalog (I think I have two Reapers like this, not sure how they came about).


Gold trim is a nice touch.

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Nope, actually I just solved the mystery. I have Kain Swiftblade, the dude you're talking about (Garath Hawkblade) , and this dude:




But if you go through the pictures you'll see the primed mini and the painted mini are different - and mine matches the painted variant. Because the painted variant wasn't there when I tried to ID him, I was left with a puzzle.


So I guess he's Sir Falkirk Nobleheart.

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It could be, but I just paint it.


An easy way to do it is paint the gold trim first and then paint up to it with the silver, then with a steady hand you may only need to do small touch ups of the gold if any.

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Really have to work on my brush control! Have a figure with a necklace which I painted around and was wondering how I was going to do. Maybe I'll try it both ways. Trim like this right now makes me very jealous because I haven't gotten that far yet. Guess I better get going.

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Keep in mind I've been painting off and on for more than 20 years! Brush control is something I've long had, what I've lacked is paint control & patience (or time to some degree).


Because I paint in fits and spurts there is still a lot of technique I need to master.


Clearly I can do better than tabletop, but that time thing keeps coming back to bite me. So most minis just don't get the level of love this guy has had.


When I need to paint something that is very fine (like a necklace) a trick I learnt long ago was to interlock the lower fingers of my hands and hold the bottom of the heel of my palms together. It makes any shaking happen in synch. These days I do detail with the heels of my palms touching and the tips of my middle fingers pressing against each other, and for when real steady hands are needed I rest my hands on the desk as well, this cuts shaking out entirely. The problem is that 2 hours of doing this leads to sore hands these days...

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Very Nice! The Armor looks great. Your work here proves that Metallics if done correctly, look way more real than NMM. Even though I do like the Magical effect of the NMM on the sword, I think you could have stuck with metallics for that also or at least base metallic and then adding some glazes of the blue and re-highlighting.


I would not worry to much about painting at another level unless you really want to reach that goal. I think your work on this mini is High End Table top at least and could look nice as well sitting on a shelf for display. I consider most of my work High End table top even some of the stuff I have entered in contests or have done for display pieces on commission. If your happy with it then that is all that matters.

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Really nice work, gives me something to aspire to. I'm curious about the backside of the shield, is that freehand or was the wood grain part of the sculpt? I had toyed with the idea of using some green stuff to add this look to the back of a shield recently...

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    • By Darcstaar
      This figure is a great load off my Shelf of Shame.
      I wanted to complete it for my friend's 40th birthday, as he was supposed to come back to town for a surprise party.  I never finished it, since he changed his plans and there was no party.  He and I go back to 7th grade, and have gamed together on-and-off for the better part of 25 years.  I've gone back to complete this figure after about a 3 year hiatus.  He is my first real attempt at an NMM weapon and armor.  The challenge with the sword was the spine of the sword is soft not crisp, so getting a straight line was tough.
      I asked my friend what his favorite type of character was to play.  His answer: Sword and Board fighter.
      I wanted the figure to resemble my friend: Very pale Caucasian, very light blond short hair.  Also, I wanted our high school colors to figure into the paint scheme: Green and White.
      I also like to find old gems from the Reaper store that need some love and new life breathed into them!  Ashlan definitely fits the bill.
      So, I present Ashlan Fellthrush, Heroic Paladin.

      I had dreams at one point of making the suitable looking parts of the sword and tabard-trim into green gems, but gave up on that to get him DONE!.

      Part of the reason I gave up on this figure for so long was my failure to realize my ambitious goal to paint a freehand gold NMM device on the back to match the one sculpted on the front.  The back felt like it needed something.  I tried a white dragon for a while, like the shield, but didn't like it.  So I repainted the back and tried this gold device.  It came out "good enough" after about the third try, so I moved on.

      Overall, I'm very pleased with Ashlan.  In know my friend will enjoy it.  He's triple-sealed for gaming goodness.
      Now, I just have to pack him up for a safe trip to Seattle.
      Thanks for reading.
      C&C Welcome.
    • By Sophie was taken
      Thread title pretty much sums it up. This is Callus the Renegade from Black Orc’s Hundred Kingdoms, sculpted by Jason Wiebe:

      There is is a lot going on here, from chain, scale, and plate to all the spangly bits and Things on Belts. Tried to add some variety of color where possible. Not sure what actual colors were worn by Roman soldiers, but red is popular among cosplayers according to Google. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t purple at least.
      Turns out Dark Elf Skin is a pretty good approximation of actual gorilla flesh. It also seems that brown is not a popular color for actual gorilla fur, but whatever.
      I was unsure just what that thing in his left hand is, so I imagined it as some sort of monkey-headed scepter, and painted it up in Dragon Copper and Antique Gold. Mostly as an excuse to try out some GW verdigris. I probably miffed the placement, but it’s a neat effect. Very much a “nasty old penny” look.
      Did I mention this guy is big? Here he is alongside Miss Forscale the Strumpet:

      Comments and critiques appreciated!
    • By dunker79
      It has been a while, but I am back with another mini from Reaper. This time its a Blood Stone Gnome, which I tried to paint up as a goblin. Hope you all like it. Any C&c is welcomed.

    • By Pingo
      (Note: I actually started these a while back, though they are not done yet. This is a bit less of a WIP thread than a how-I-got-here-so-far thread, which I will update as I get my old pictures organized. Questions and comments and critiques are, as always, welcome.)
      Last summer Bad Squiddo Games hosted a brief Kickstarter, "My Last Sunrise," of an assortment of Gothic horror minis centered around vampires. These two stood out to me as a little beyond the Hammer horror ethos of most of the other figures. While I was painting them I thought of them as "Feral Vampires," although when I just rechecked they are called "Vampire Thralls."
      I dunno. They don't look very thrall-like to me.
      Their tag line in the Kickstarter was "Float about in my night dress cooing for scraps? No way. I hunt my own meal."
      Anyhow, they have a fun, odd, lady pirate or highwayman look.
      All paints used are Golden Matte Fluid Acrylics. Color mixes are (usually) noted, but not exact ratios.
      Questions are welcomed and I will try to answer them. Critiques are appreciated.
      This is a slight deviation from how I prime figures. Normally I prime them with Titanium White (which I did here) and then wash over them with Burnt Umber to bring out the details. These I wanted kind of cold-looking, so I washed them with a cold dark grey mixed from Burnt Sienna and Ultramarine Blue.
      That's them on the left. For a while I was including Bad Squiddo's "Dracula" in the photos, so you get a free peek at that too.


      And as per usual, the first thing I did was their skin. In contrast to the skin of living humans, I have been painting vampire skin in stark black-and-white mixed from Titanium White and Carbon Black. The very first layer is thinned Titanium White, then pale shadows of the lightest grey.


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