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    • By Geoff Davis
      03660: Amrielle, Female Ranger Julie Guthrie
      This one has been on the shelf of shame for a couple of years.  I had some severe problems with textures which is why she ended up on my shelf of shame.  First mistake was I didn't sand smooth the various flat surfaces before priming.  Then I primed using spray on aerosol primer when the weather wasn't right, creating a very rough, beaded surface texture (check out the top of her bow).  Then when I was painting her, I was using glazing medium to try to improve my blending.  I didn't wait long enough between coats of paint.  Consequently, the partially dry layers got peeled up and made into a mess (look closely at her cheeks).  She is finished now, good enough for use as a minion in a tabletop game where no one will look at her too closely.  I have included close-ups of the textures so you can see my mistakes.  I also put in one close-up of an area I painted today.   The difference it makes when you take your time and let the previous layer properly dry shows clearly. 
      34 projects left on my shelf of shame!






    • By Geoff Davis
      60074: Serpentfolk Warrior Julie Guthrie
      This one was on my shelf of shame but not for too long.  Only 35 projects left on my shelf of shame!




    • By Mad Jack
       So, I was recently asked to curate a collection of old minis given to my FLGS on consignment... There are somewhere north of two hundred pieces altogether.
      Most of it is old Ral Partha, Grenadier, Heritage and Citadel. The first three companies I know well. Citadel not so much, but I've already identified some of them from the Lost Minis Wiki. And then there are some that I don't recognize and have no marking on them.
      So I'll be posting pics in this thread over the next couple of days to see if anybody knows what they are.
       I'll also be editing the posts to update them as more things are identified. So eventually there will be a complete (ish) record of the entire collection.
       First up, we have some dwarves...
      EDIT:  In the first pic the first four are from Alternative Armies -  DH9-04 Dwarven Adventurer w/ Dagger, RM013 Auchan the Spiker, RM015 Colvin the Disturbed, and RM014 Luckburn the Iron Fist. The 5th one is Citadel FA-15, v2 and the last one is Asgard's DA7.v2 Dwarf King.
      In the second pic, only the second one is unidentified.
      The first is from Grenadier's 2008 Thieves box set - the Dwarf Thief. The third is from Metal Magic's C1008 Dwarves set and the last is Grenadier's 1129 Dwarf Flamethrower.
       I'll be posting more as I come across things I can't find myself...
    • By Vacaroja
      The visage of Tiamat looms over the ancient and ruined temple of her rival Bahamut!
      After 6 months and about 400 hours of work, she is complete!  Wow, didn't think it would take me that long.









      And a few more detail pics.






    • By Geoff Davis
      Well, at least he didn't end up on my shelf of shame.  Some days my eyes and hands just aren't up to the job.  I also learned today that blending metallics is really hard.  Much more practice is needed.  I am pleased with the way the lighting effect worked out, though. 




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