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Looking for Sculptor for my Naval Minis Line

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I'm looking for bids for quality work on some concept art I have for Steamfleet, the naval miniatures game I am creating.

Here are some sketches, though not all are finished or will be used. http://s215.beta.pho...rtacus/library/

The job will have at least 16 masters for ships from escorts to capital ships. The scale will be roughly that of the Firestorm Armada line, I like those sizes. There will also be nearly as many separate ship systems that will need to be sculpted as well, as many of the ships will have flat blank sections that will allow various weapon systems to be glued onto them. This means that the sculptor will have to have a good sense of scale on a ship and relating to the other ships. Its a bulk job so bulk prices maybe? :)


I'm also trying to figure out if having a 3d modeler do it and then 3d print it, or hiring a sculptor, would be better. Any ideas, suggestions, or directions to a competant freelancer would be appreciated.


Look forward to hearing from anyone interested! Shoot me a pm and we will talk.



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Thanks fellows. How does one get in touch with people on this forum? For some reason, I can't even seem to figure out how to private message.


Hover your mouse over their name and a menu will pop up with a "Send Message" option. You'll probably have more luck reaching John through his blog though. Your designs might not be in John's wheelhouse (I think he's more into hard sci-fi/mecha), but he might be able to recommend someone.


And if you're looking for sculptors, there are better forums than this one to do that. Your best bet is to try the 1listSculpting Yahoo Group. Second, try either the Forum of Doom or, if you dare, Frothers Unite UK., but I'll warn you, everyone likes to wear their asshat there.

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