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Shaping bones

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This might have been answered earlier (I looked but couldnt find anything) i recently got some new bones and i threw afew of them in boiling water while soft i put them in the stance I wanted, then I put them in a bowl of ice water and put it in the freezer for a few hours. I thought it had worked perfectly but after left out for a day they just go back to normal.


My question is how do you change the stance of bones for good?

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With harder grades of vinyl, like the material they make garage kits from, heating and reforming seems fairly permanent.Unfortunately softer grades don't always seem to stay re-posed the same way - I found this out while modding a batch of cheap micro-machine spacecraft for use with Full Thrust.


I will say that holding them in position and letting them cool gradually, rather than trying to hurry the process along, seems to offer a better chance of success. But I'm afraid the only guaranteed way is exactly the same as metal miniatures; Cut, carve, repose, pin and fill.

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Ironically I had an issue with a Minotaur who's 'butcher knife' was all twisted up and looked funny. I had intended to try this tactic to correct it but forgot. Three weeks of sitting on my desk and the deformed weapon fixed itself. Damnedest thing I've ever seen.

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Nothing says lovin like Bones in the oven!


Bones plastic has better memory than other plastics, but thankfully Reaperbryan shared some info on the heat threshold Bones have.

These figures are cast at over 500 degrees, and freeze near that point, between 400 and 500. When they come out, they are most vulnerable to being misshapen...
Only thing is that Bryan didn't mention if those temps were Celsius or Fahrenheit.

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