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15mm Neo-British Modern soldiers KS

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Posted 13 November 2012 - 12:45 PM

A new UK based KS project
Note the scale : 15mm
Metal 15mm SciFi Future War Neo British Miniatures
by Keith Armstrong
First off, thank you for looking at my Kickstarter campaign! I hope it serves you well.
Just over a year ago, I began reading some impressive sci rules, however one in particularly got me excited and those rules were Tomorrows War. So, off I popped onto the internet and started looking up sci fi figures. I had plenty of choice for 'hard' Sci FI figures, however could not really find what I wanted, which was near future type figures. So....I decided to give them a go myself and along came The Russian United States of the Kislev System forces! Since its such a mouthful, they are also known as the Rusk's.
Working on a very limited budget I started to slowly release my own range of figures, which can be best described as Neo Soviet forces.

In fact they can and have been happily used for a number of eras and forces ( I keep getting customer pics of adaptions all the time!). Thankfully the release has been successful which has allowed me to release several additional sets including heavy weapons, support weapons, HQ units and a sled gravity vehicle known as a MULE. These figures can be found at Black Hat Miniatures a very successful independent miniature producer, who kindly provides armiesarmy with his support gained over many years of producing miniatures. I am also awaiting the release of a militia variant and a Spetsnaz special forces unit. You can find more details, pictures and concepts on my blog page http://armiesarmy.blogspot.co.uk/
However despite all that, the one thing they did lack was a suitable enemy! All good forces need an Evil nemesis, unless of course they are Evil themselves.......then they need...erm...a Good nemesis?
Anyhow....back to the point! The nemesis forces got me thinking about the lessons learned with my previous releases and the one big 'Strike me down' problem, was the cycle of releases. With a limited budget, I just could not afford to bring out all the troops I required to provide a front line force. So with that in mind, I thought how could I provide the funds, without hiding it from Mrs ArmiesArmy and bingo.....Kickstarter came along! So that is in fact, what I have done!
I bring to you the Greater Britannia forces!
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